With Annual Pune Kite Festival kicking off, it is the best time to head to Pune. Pune is the favorite destination for an excursion for Mumbaikars. Travelers who fly from Delhi to Mumbai and have time on their hands make sure to visit this city and its beautiful neighborhood. But this is not it, Pune is also the IT city, next in its prominence only to Bangalore. Hence, there usually is a substantial influx of tourists and travelers from Bangalore. It comes as no surprise that the Bangalore to Pune flights have a busy schedule on a daily basis. Pune has many popular attractions and it has bright prospects for the youngsters as well. Thus, not just tourists and visitors, students and business people also fly on the Bangalore to Pune flights frequently. Indigo, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, and many other airlines have their flights between Bangalore and Pune.

Travel To Pune To Experience The Annual Pune Kite Festival

The most stupendous city in Western Ghats, the city of Pune has become a prominent city of Maharashtra. It is situated at a height of around 560 meters. Pune gets its name from Punyanagari which means the City of Virtue. Pune later winded up the seat of the relentless Peshwa Rule and therefore showcased the prime midpoint of India’s political exercises. Earlier, the Rashtrakuta Dynasty alluded to this town as the Punya Vishaya or the Poonak Vishaya. Initially known as Punewadi, Pune at one time was the residential town for the Great Maratha Ruler, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. When it was assumed control by the Britishers, the town was established as their Monsoon Capital.

Those with an interest in architecture would find it amazing to take a look at the designs of the Aga Khan Palace, the provincial fortification of Sinhagad, and Shinde’s Chhatri. The Shaniwar Wada is another palace that was with the Peshwas for some time. It lies in vestiges today. The Osho Commune International is a remarkable site in Pune and was set up by Rajneesh Osho. It is a hub for spirituality and meditation. The adjacent Buddhist caverns of Karla and Bhaja are likewise a place worth the visit. The Pataleshwar Temple is an exceedingly a 1,400 years old sanctuary and it is wonderfully embellished with a few themes and models of various gods.

Nature beaus will become hopelessly enamored with the Botanical Gardens that houses the Saras Bagh and the Bund Gardens which are a couple of places perfect to go through a night-out with your family or essentially to loosen up a bit. While in Pune, do seize the great opportunity to taste the local cuisine, such as Pithla, Chaat, Puran Poli, Pav Bhaji and the Misal Pav. Despite the fact that the last one might be somewhat hot for your tongue, the flavorful dish will make you smack your lips and crave for some more.

Lohegaon Airport at Pune sees day to day flights from places like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. Plan the trip and explore the city of Pune on your next vacation!