Modern scholars have consistently debated the origin of Muay Thai, the cultural sport of Thailand. Muay Thai, also known as Thai boxing, was developed several years ago to depict a way of using the whole body as a weapon. Fondly called “the sport of the 8 limbs, Muay Thai has become a popular sport attracting people from all over the world who come to attend muaythai camps to learn this ancient sport techniques.The experience can be so much fun for tourists and visitors. Some camps and training centers  also offer weight loss programs for people seeking to keep fit. There are different packages offered by the training camps depending on the program the intending trainee wants to enroll for. Some offer a 1 month package for muaythai training and weight loss programs, others have weekly programs. In determining the camp to choose for a Muay Thai training, it is wise to know the kind of experience you want to have and also your present level of Muaythai experience.

Travel Experience With Muay Thai Training Gym In Thailand

There are two basic types of Muay Thai camps; those who are focused on foreigners or those who are more native. Those focused on foreigners would mostly offer better services to visitors who are non-thai, there are equipment such as heavy bags, multiple rings and experienced champ trainers. The entire training is usually geared at helping people achieve a good mental and physical health. It can serve as a relaxation technique and a vacation experience for people seeking to travel outside their home towns or countries for holidays. Visitors also have options of lodging in exquisite hotels or medium priced ones depending on how much they are willing to spend. The amazing tasty meals of the people of Thailand is also something to look forward to, it is also relatively cheap. The food is spicy and super sweet to savor, and if you’re a sucker for great food, you’re sure to enjoy yourself throughout your stay.

Most native Thai camps are located in rural areas or in cities like Bangkok and ChaingMai. They often do not take in foreigners, however, you might be lucky to get selected if this is what you want. Generally when considering which Thai camp to pick, it is best to choose that which has a great price and value in terms of quality of attention. The whole training can be exhausting but interesting if you are determined to master the art. Usually there will be two to three sessions in the morning and afternoon daily, push ups will also be regular, expect round kicks and the likes. If your sole purpose of visiting is to learn the sport and be very good at it, it is advisable to lodge in the camps as you would get more motivation from the atmosphere and things you see around you. In the morning, Thai music would wake you up, and throughout the day you will see people pushing their boundaries by practicing different techniques. If you however just want to get a taste of the Muay Thai feel in addition to your vacation fun package, you can get a hotel around and visit camps when you please.

Muay Thai martial arts definitely pulls a lot of visitors from far and wide, coming to get one or two techniques. The overall experience with Suwit Muay Thai for intermediate level is exciting coupled with the fact that you can include a weight loss program. It is a great travel and vacation experience and make you feel healthy, relaxed and at peace with yourself.