Every bride and groom deserves to have a memorable wedding. Unfortunately, some couples take home unforgettable moments from their wedding caterer that are quite embarrassing to share.

Top Wedding Caterer Nightmares

  1. Running out of food to serve

It is a common scenario among weddings when the invited guests would suddenly bring along someone to keep them company. As a result, the food prepared is not enough to accommodate everyone! To avoid your guests from getting hungry, always triple check the number of confirmed guests.

  1. Wedding cake gone bad

The wedding cake should contribute to the sweetness of the newly-wedded couple during the reception. The use of dairy or fresh products means that the cake might easily go bad. Failing to cut and serve the cake after 30 minutes being on display might make the guests go for a mad dash to the bathroom.

  1. Food allergies

A lot of wedding planners fail to consider the idea that some guests might have special dietary needs. Some might have food allergies that might even lead to scary anaphylactic reactions. Do not fail to inquire about the special dietary needs of your guests when they confirm their attendance to your wedding. The wedding caterer will immediately inform their team about the ingredients that should not be used when planning the menu.

  1. Food poisoning

In 1891, a British journal published a case of widespread food poisoning at a certain wedding. Out of 60 invited guests, 40 of them were found having seizure attacks and clutching their stomach in pain.

Always check if the wedding caterer has secured a food hygiene certification. Check if your menu is suitable for the resources available at the venue of the reception. Don’t serve crab in a marquee if you can’t refrigerate it properly. Sushi during the hot summer is not advisable. Don’t serve a buffet outdoors if the area doesn’t have a decent shade to protect the food from contamination.

  1. The food served is not part of the originally planned menu

Any couple will agree as to how hard it is to choose a menu that will satisfy your guests. Imagine the horror of finding out during your wedding day that the food the caterer prepared is completely different from the menu you agreed upon!

Thus, always be specific when you plan your menu with the caterer to avoid any misunderstanding. When the worst case scenario of the wrong menu being served has already happened, just check if the food is enough and of good quality. Any decent wedding caterer will discuss on how they can make it up to you once the wedding is over.

Wedding caterer disasters vary, some might be foreseen while some will just come out of nowhere. It is important to hire a reliable wedding caterer to avoid cringe worthy moments from happening.

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.