Leather furniture is very fragile and needs to be kept carefully. But no matter how careful you are, the leather chairs still get harmed. They get cracked while moving, or get painted while painting the home. It can also get scratched in normal use. Leather is a very good material with high durability but it also gets withered with time. But it is easy to fix leather by following these simple steps-

1) Call the Manufacturer

When you notice a scratch for the very first it is your duty to call the manufacturer. A single small scratch is the reason for further destruction. So it is important for you to take action if even if it is a minute issue. The manufacturer must look into your problem and give immediate solutions. This will also be mentioned in the contract or warranty while buying the product. The manufacturer will have a separate cell which will look into repairing their product.

Top Tips On How To Repair Scratches On Leather Furniture

2) Apply Oil

You can use olive oil, baby oil or  saddle oil and pour it into the cotton. Then apply it on the scratch in a circular motion. After doing this let the oil remain on its place for some hours. The scratch will absorb the oil and heal itself. In sometime it will vanish. But if this does not happen in one go try doing it again. This will cause the scratch to darken and then finally vanish.

3) Shoe Polish

get a shoe polish that is similar looking to the shade of your leather. Apply it on the scratch using a cotton. Then with a clean cloth rub the scratch. This process will not hide the scratch or heal the leather but it will you disguise the scratch upto a limit. You can do this process again for better results. But if by mistake you have applied a color that is does not match the Leather then remove it immediately using a wet cloth.

4) Iron

You can also use an iron to remove scratches. First press a warm iron against a cotton cloth. When the leather comes in contact with the heat we can witness production of oil. This natural oil is responsible for healing the scratch naturally. Press the cloth against the leather only for 10 seconds. Keeping it for a while can damage the leather. After removing the cloth watch for the scratch, if it has disappeared then you can dry off the leather. If you think there can be better results if you repeat it again, then you must. But if there are no results even after doing it twice, stop it at once.

Take care of your expensive leather chairs. Scratches can be healed by these steps. Hope you find them useful or you can contact us for more information : Simon’s Decorating & Design