Top Tips For Buying Timeshares

It is amazing how many negative opinions there are around the whole concept of timeshares, but they can be one of the most rewarding and profitable type of investment on the market, provided you do your research before you put any sort of money down. According to Moneysense magazine, nothing matches the value offered by a timeshare. Knowing what you need to know before putting your money on the line is essential, so here are some top tips to consider before buying any form of timeshare.

Know the Numbers

If you forget every other tip on this list, remember this one. Before you put any sort of money into a timeshare, you absolutely must know how the property owners make their money, taking into consideration maintenance fees and taxes. If you go into the process of buying a timeshare without considering these potential costs, you are almost certainly going to lose out.

Ignore the Sales Pitch

The somewhat dubious reputation of timeshare representatives is not justified in most cases, but there are always going to be a handful of scam artists out there. Ignoring their skilled word-paintings of the perfect holiday and all of the wonderful freebies they offer to potential new clients will mean that you won’t get sucked into a situation where you own a timeshare in a property which is ultimately costing you money. Askmen offers a great insight into both sides of the timeshare pitch, and it is worth having a look at it at before heading to a presentation.

Walk Away

Let the timeshare sales representative do their pitch. Listen to their presentation and note points that you want to have answered at a later date, and then walk away. Should the representative get overly pushy at this point, and some do at the sight of their commission walking out of the door, tell them that their overbearing tactics mean that you are less likely to invest with them.

Ask a Lot of Questions

Start compiling a list of things you want to know before you even go to the presentation. Most people don’t know a lot about timeshares, and it is that very lack of knowledge that the occasional sales representative will take advantage of. So go in with a list. Find out if pets are allowed, and what all of the fees are used for. If the representative cannot give clear and concise answers to these questions, then don’t invest with that company. A great place to start finding out what you need to be looking at is

Buy into a Location You Like

It is astonishing how many people can be talked into buying a timeshare in a location they would never normally consider going on holiday to. If you can’t use the weeks that you have bought, then you have just lost your money for that year. So be certain that whatever timeshare you happen to buy is in a location you will want to return to every year.

Follow these top tips, and help to ensure that you have the best possible experience with your timeshare journey.

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