When it comes to surfing holidays, the United States is second to none. The country is known for its breath-taking beaches and vibrant surfing culture. It is this experience that attracts thousands of European tourists, with many of them coming from the UK.

If you are looking for ideal surfing destinations in the US, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the top surfing destinations you should have in your bucket list:

1. San Clemente, CA

California offers some of the best beaches that offer thrilling surfing experiences. San Clemente is one of the jewels in this state that you need to have in your bucket list. The main reason why this seaside city is famous is because both newbies and seasoned surfers can have a great time on its beaches. Generally speaking, the waves are calmer and there are shallow areas where newbie surfers can surf with very little danger.

Some of the famous beaches include the Trestles, San Onofre, T-Street, San Clemente State Beach and Calafia and Cotton beaches amongst others. You don’t have to carry your surfboard when coming San Clement as there many places where you can hire quality pieces. There are also many restaurants nearby and accommodation is never a problem for foreign tourists.

2. Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is another coastal city in California where thousands of tourists meet to enjoy the beach and some surfing. Also known to many as ‘surf city’, it is probably one of the best surfing locations in the whole of California. This is because of the epic beaches that are unlikely to found in other parts of the US.

The city has some many world-class surfing beaches that you can choose from. Some of the best beaches include Capitola Beach and Pressure Point. These beaches have calmer waves, making it perfect for less experienced surfers. If you love wave catching, the Cowell’s beach would be one of the best surfing spots for you. For the more experienced surfers looking for a more thrilling experience, then Streamer Lane offers one of the best alternatives.

3. Malibu, CA

Malibu is another surfing city in California that attracts thousands of European tourists every year, with a huge number coming from the UK. The city has some of the most gorgeous beaches you can find in California. The calm waves and sand beaches are some of the reasons why Malibu city a favourite surfing spots for both newbies and seasoned surfers alike.

There are many beaches that you can choose from with Surfrider and Zuma beach being the choice of looking for longboard surfing. Seal Beach Jetty is another spot where you can enjoy thrilling surfing. These beaches are all rated intermediate to difficult. Malibu city is also a top destination for seafood in California. Try their seafood restaurants and classic hotels.

4. Cocoa Beach, Florida

No surfing trip to the US would be complete without Cocoa Beach in Florida. The city is one of the most famous surfing spots in the US due to the incredible surfing experienced it offers to tourists. The city has produced some of the best and famous surfers in the world such as Kelly Slater. Cocoa Beach is considered one of the top beaches in the whole state.

The beach is best known for its calm waves that make it a perfect spot for beginners and longboarder surfers. The other beaches that you need to visit while in Cocoa Beach city are Sebastian Inlet and New Smyrna Inlet beaches.

Practical Tips

Travelling with Surf Boards: all airlines accept surfing boards but make sure you check on the tariffs before booking your travel since some airlines will levy a hefty fee. Of course, a much simpler way and often preferred by many surfers is to simply hire the surfboard when you get to the US. This gives the opportunity to try different boards and without having to lug your own board around.

On the subject of travel, the good thing is that UK and European citizens don’t need a visa to visit the US. What you do need, however is an ESTA visa waiver completed for a trip that will not last for more than 90 days. Read this guide to ESTA for more information.

Finally, and very important, make sure you purchase medical insurance before you travel. The US is one of the most expensive places in the world for medical treatment and so insurance is an absolute must.