Top Serene Spots Of Coastal Croatia

Croatia is a kingdom of spectacular natural beauty amidst which lie some of the finest monuments created by mankind. The islands and coastal towns of this fascinating country are washed by the sparkling blue waters of the Adriatic Sea that meets the land at the pristine beaches of the region. The national parks are home to several natural wonders that range from majestic peaks and breathtaking gorges to gushing waterfalls and meandering rivers. Every town bears a unique personality and narrates its historical tales in the form of magnificent churches and sprawling museums. Here are some of the most serene spots on the coast of Croatia that will make you fall in love with this magical destination.

City of Makarska

The city of Makarska is a tranquil harbor town with a horseshoe-shaped bay along the Adriatic Sea. Makarska is famous for its breathtaking promenade where one can enjoy a long walk in the shade of palm trees and sample the offerings of local restaurants and cafes. This quaint town is bordered by the mighty Biokovo Mountain, which provides a chance to indulge in adventure sports on its slopes, while the main square offers a rustic atmosphere with lively fruit and flower markets. One of the popular landmarks of the city is the Franciscan Monastery that houses a seashell museum on the premises. With a peaceful environment and an old world charm, the town is perfect for those who like to enjoy life at a relaxed pace.

Krka National Park

The soothing music of gurgling waterfalls is what awaits you at the Krka National Park. This realm of greenery is best known for the frothy cascades of Skradinski Buk and Roski Slap and for the tranquil Krka River that flows through the heart of the park. The river is home to the island of Visovac, a tiny piece of land that houses a Franciscan Monastery that has been converted into a library and museum. Other spectacles of the park include the Romanesque architecture of the Krka Monastery and the dense vegetation that covers a majority of the landscape. A boat tour is the best way to enjoy the beauty of this national park at close quarters and to bask in its natural glory.

Vis Island

The island of Vis is best known for its rustic fishing villages and for its untarnished beaches. This island was cut off from foreign tourists for several decades due to certain security measures and has therefore managed to preserve the authentic Croatian culture and wildlife. The Stiniva Beach is one of the most famous attractions of the island because its sandy shores are almost completely separated from the sea by rocky cliffs. Mount Hum provides a stunning view of Vis and the surrounding waters while the Green Grotto is a large sea cave that is the perfect spot for a swim. You must taste the wine made from the locally cultivated white grapes while enjoying the idyllic scenery that this enchanting island boasts of.

City Of Opatija

The aficionados of art and architecture will fall in love with the city of Opatija at first glance. The buildings of this town display a variety of styles of architecture such as Renaissance, Gothic, and Venetian. Equally awe-inspiring are the sculptures that adorn the streets and the lush green gardens that surround the ancient villas that dot the city. The statue of the Maiden with the Seagull and the Slatina Fountain are some of the iconic landmarks of the region while the St. Jacob’s Church has a long and interesting history that dates back to the 15th century. One must also admire the opulent interiors of the hotels that have stood here since the medieval times, and can experience the local culture at the atmospheric quarters of Volosko.

Despite its extraordinary landscape and alluring culture, property in Croatia is actually affordable, which is why many travelers end up making the country their permanent home. And these enthralling destinations are devoid of the touristy glamour and display the authentic carefree coastal culture of Croatia. They allow you to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature and to travel through the lanes of Croatian history. So visit these serene spots today if you are craving some solitude in the lap of nature.

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