Using promotional products has become a necessity for any business nowadays, however as each year passes more and more promotional products are created and thus you need to be creative if you want your company to stand out.

This is why we have created a list with all the best and unique items that you can use in order to market the power of your products and take your company to a whole new level.

1. Water bottles

More people nowadays tend to be more active and use a bicycle, so create and hand them some water bottles that are fully branded. These offer great marketing opportunities since such a bottle brings a large print area, not to mention that all of them are very easy to customize since they come in a wide range of colors as well.

Top Promotional Products For 2015

2. Pop-up cards

If you want to engage into direct mail campaigns, then you need to use some pop-up cards. The 3D appeal they provide makes them perfect for any type of event, not to mention that the movement pattern can bring you a call to action placed right under. Thanks to different sizes and shapes, these are essential if you want to make an impression beyond flyers and other boring promotional stuff.

3. Car fresheners

A good promotional product needs to provide a good meaning and usage to the person you hand it to, and that’s what the car air fresheners do. These are long lasting, they are always kept in the car so friends, family or even people on the street can see them, and they can be cut to any shape, not to mention that thanks to their small size they can easily be printed to any colors and won’t cost that much in the end.

4. USB hubs

Since people are all about technology nowadays, it’s important to hand them some tech related stuff too. USB hubs can help a lot in this regard since they offer a lot of place for branding and adding logos, not to mention that such a device always remains on the desk which means that it will promote your brand for a very long time.

5. Power bank

Similar to the USB hub, the main purpose of this device is to help a person recharge the tablet, mobile or any device that needs electric power. Suitable for any situation, this is one tool that we can carry anywhere, so you can rest assured that by handing this to any customer you will definitely draw their attention.

6. Reflector bag

Such a bag is great for just about any person as it has reflective strips on the side and it also brings a large print area that is very easy to customize. This is a great choice if you are looking for a wonderful promotional product that is very easy to customize.

These are the best choices that you can make when it comes to promotional merchandise in 2015. It’s all about being unique and different, since these are the only traits that will bring you more success and revenue to your company in the end. Do not hesitate and integrate these wonderful promotional tools into your marketing efforts right away!

Daisy Burgess expert in brand building with 4 years experience working with large brands. Product recommendations from Stupid Tuesday Promotional Products