The biggest challenge that a B2B marketer faces in 2018 is transforming the potential customers into loyal ones. The conversion rate is the biggest worry that every B2B telemarketing team faces. On the other hand, if you keep on blogging and posting on social media with the relevant content and perfect timing, then a hike in the conversion rate is inevitable.

In this blog, we are going to guide you through the best tips that can elevate your number of leads using just blogs and social media posts. Remember, generation of a warm lead can complement your B2B telemarketing services the UK to the core. Let’s see how it works:

Communicate with your potential customers

It is always paramount to know what your target leads like and what they dislike. So, if you follow your leads on social media, then getting aware of their preferences becomes easy. This offers you an edge over your competitors in the market.

After this, pen down a blog stating the problems you noticed your leads/prospects are facing and offer a comprehensive solution. Your target audience will automatically find your blog and will subscribe to your content instantly. This offers you a list of relevant and warm leads.

Blog without spamming

There is a very thin line between providing the solution and pushing the reader to your offering. Always ensure that you are not pushing or promoting your product on the blog. Just jot down the relatable pain point of the customers and render the solution. If the prospects note that you are being ‘too pushy’ then the probability of them providing their details eradicates reduces. Educate your prospects and they will automatically draw towards your business, starting from getting the subscription to your blog.

Care about prospects, the conversion will follow

To shoot up the number of leads, make sure to add CTA or call-to-action buttons on your blogs and social media posts. The call-to-action button increases the chance of readers taking action on your blog, which, in turn, increases the overall probability of converting the lead into a customer. Potential customers will surely click on the CTA button on the blog that interests them. In short, if you care about prospects’ requirement, the conversion rate will see a boost.

Include your contact details

Quite a few marketers forget to add the contact information to the social media posts. Now, if the customers find your post and did not find any way to reach you, what’s the point of pinning down the content? So, make sure to incorporate the contact details in the social media post. This again proves to be a catalyst for your Excellent B2B telemarketing services UK.


Once you have written a bulk of blogs and social media posts, try to identify the:

  • Topics that exhibit CTA clicks
  • Content that mostly compels the prospects to fill in your subscription forms
  • Documents that are downloaded by the prospects

Finding these will empower you to know about what correct telemarketing efforts you are putting and what is required to be weeded out. Again, this will boost your overall B2B telemarketing services impeccably.