What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service is an Internet hosting Service which allows the organizations and individuals to make their web page or website come alive on World Wide Web.

The web hosting company, is a business which allows the client web page to be viewed on Internet. The space is required on computer to store these websites is called servers.

When the user on internet wants to open website, it will simply go to browser and type website address, then that computer connects with server and webpage is transferred to them through the browser.

Many companies require a domain name to host their website.

If you don’t have a domain name, then hosting companies will you in purchasing it.

Top Hosting Companies

The top most web hosting companies are:

  1. GoDaddy:

Founded in January 2016, GoDaddy has become the world`s largest domain name register company. It is a publicly traded internet domain register and web hosting company. GoDaddy serves more than 13 million customers and have more than 4,000 employs. It has more than 61 million domains under management, making it world`s largest ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited registrar.

GoDaddy is well known for its celebrity spoke person. With its super bowl ads and being a domain provider to many small businesses.

GoDaddy has also sponsored NASCAR (The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing), college football and ball games.

But sometimes, it seems to get involved in several controversies because of its security and privacy.

  1. Hostgator:

Hostgator founded in 2002, its headquarters are in Texas, United States. It is a provider of shared, reseller, virtual private sector and dedicated web hosting. It have a wide range of plans, the user can chose a plan according to its needs.

Hostgator is a technology and product innovator, providing innovative products and designing services to more than 400,000 customers for their existing business.

Hostgator services used by 500 companies from individual to Business people in more than 200 countries.

Since, is provide reseller hosting, their customers are generally web designers and developers who are ready to provide web hosting services to clients.

Most powerful tool for all size and shape of Hostgator is reseller, shared and dedicating server hosting.

Customer can choose any web hosting services according to its requirements and technology experts.

  1. Blue Host:

Blue Hosting is a web-hosting company founded in 2003. In 2010 it become the part of the Endurance International Group. It’s main to provide a better hosting experience. Blue hosting offered services like Shared VPS and dedicated hosting package. Blue Hosting has done a very good job, and it is one of few hosting companies also recommended by WordPress.

It host almost or more than 1.9+ millions domains with its sister companies, HostMonster, FastDomain, and iPage.

  1. Site ground:

Site ground has ranked no.1 web hosting company, founded in 2004 and serving more than 450,000 domains worldwide. It is on first position because of their outstanding user satisfaction and a long list of features and plans. Site ground provide many features like shared-hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

  1. In motion Hosting:

In motion web hosting company providing services since 2001. Services provided by this company will offer a satisfaction guarantee of 100%. Its services include business hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Services and Reseller Hosting.

In motion provides fast, reliable and affordable hosting, with a 24/7/365 support. In motion is the only company that offers Max Speed Zones.

  1. Hosting Raja:

Top Domain registration and web Hosting Company in India is Hosting Raja. The only company in India, which provide support in regional languages. Hosting Raja is founded in 2005.

Hosting Raja provide very affordable hosting plans to customers at the highest quality possible. Its services include reseller hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS hosting and E-commerce hosting, cloud hosting.

By using windows and Linux based system they have created a top web hosting packages which constitutes to the required information and technical expertise.

  1. Green Geeks:

Green Geeks launched in 2008, the only company that provides green energy web hosting service through wind energy that they consume. Its headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, Chicago, IL and Phoenix. They are providing services in more than 150 countries around the world.

Green Geeks offered services like Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server packages for those who started their way to the professional level.

On green geek, one can rely for 24/7/365 support, guarantee to complete the work on time, otherwise money returns within 30 days.

About the Author:

Ashish Sharma is a Key Account Manager, looking after Marketing Strategies and building new business tie ups at WeDigTech – Web Development company in Los Angeles united States . Focused on helping enterprises StartUps from domestic to MNCs.