Waste disposal is an essential part of business operation despite not being a glamorous task. Cost-effective waste management needs thorough understanding of the tools that you use as well as being able to get the top compacting equipment for rent.

  • Vertical compactor

This type of compactor was designed for use in many situations. If you need an outdoor compactor but don’t have easy hauler access, then this compactor is for you. It has a chute feed system. It can likewise be transferred to a new location for emptying without exerting too much effort. This is most suitable in restaurants, offices, hotels, and department stores, among others.

  • Stationary compactor

This compactor was designed for managing dry waste and recyclable materials such as plastic and corrugated cardboard. It is bolted to the ground. The container that stores the compacted material needs to be removed when emptying it.

A stationary compactor may include a front load, rear load, or roll-off container depending on the amount of space you have in your place. This type of compactor is suitable for warehouse, industrial and retail industry.

  • Self-contained compactor

This compactor deals with granulated materials or wet refuse that may leak such as food processing and medical waste. In order to reduce the risk of leakage, you need to haul the container and body as a single unit. The power unit should be left on site to prevent damage. This type of compactor is suitable for use in hospitals, malls, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Special Types of Compactors

  • Padfoot compactor

This is useful when dealing with cohesive and semi-cohesive materials. It may also contain a blade that is attached to the compactor. This makes it possible to knock down materials and manage backfilling without needing to get a small bulldozer.

  • Vibratory compactor

This compactor utilizes powerful vibratory compaction in order to loosen materials and asphalt. A special drive mechanism moves the compactor forward. Modern models sometimes include a rubber floor mat to decrease the vibrations being felt by the operator. It prevents him from getting tired easily during the operation.

  • Double drum asphalt roller

This is great to be used in reaching tight areas in a big project. Imagine using it to work on shoulders, lanes, and other similar locations. It is suitable for contractors who wish to add or maintain pathways in public areas.

Renting Compaction Equipment is More Practical

You don’t need to buy your own equipment every time. It depends on several factors such as the nature of your work and how often you are going to use it. Be smarter and consult a professional equipment rental company to better guide you in your project.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best equipment rentals in Columbia, MO.