If you have a love of driving and are ready to take your career to a new level, a CDL or commercial driver’s license may be the next step. A CDL test must be passed in order to obtain a license. Knowing what type of job you wish to do can help you narrow down the steps you need to take. Some positions require additional training such as long-haul trucking.

Tank Driver

Gasoline and other chemicals are often transported on tanker trucks. Safety is a major concern for hazardous and flammable cargo. Florida rock and tank lines careers are an example of a company that combines safety with in-demand freight to keep you busy and employed.

Bus Driver

Bus drivers are necessary for transporting people across the states via Greyhound or charter buses, children to schools or special event parking. Job growth of 6% is expected through 2024. The average salary according to online sources is $30,950.

Heavy Equipment Hauler

Construction continues to boom requiring heavy equipment whether for building roads, constructing high rises or rebuilding after a natural disaster. Hauling heavy equipment can take you across state lines with a gross vehicle weight over 26,000 pounds for cargo, passengers and the vehicle. Average salary is around $40,000 a year.

Delivery Truck Driver

Large delivery companies such as UPS, FedEx, the United States Postal Service and Amazon need drivers for their trucks and vans. Even private companies use delivery drivers to transport goods from warehouses to buildings or customers. Opportunities are available for part-time and full-time employment with an average salary of $28,000.

Long-Haul Drivers

Driving an eighteen-wheeler across the land is a necessary component of logistics. Companies need goods from ports and airports delivered to their businesses and warehouses. Eighteen-wheelers transport loads over hundreds of miles a day, logging miles and sometimes even owning their own rigs. Companies hire employees and work with owner-operators to deliver those goods. Due to the miles logged, time spent away from home varies according to the job but could last for several weeks.

Non-Trucking Jobs

A CDL can help you land a non-trucking job. Construction equipment operator, tractor-trailer technician, highway maintenance technician, terminal manager and engineering equipment operator let you use those valuable skills without logging miles.

Trucks are used for a variety of goods including refrigerated and toxic materials. Choose the job title that matches best for you. There’s an educational program that can help you start a bright, new career.