How about taking some help to be in that spotlight you want to be? We will be guiding you to pick clothes and dress up in a manner that is going to make you look like gorgeous eye-candy that you wish to be. Let us get started with your makeover.

#1 Merge of monochrome and bold colors.

We will first ask you dress up in different textures to bring out the perfect blend. You can put on a bright orange pair of trousers. A round neck white t-shirt will look great with it. Pair this with a beige or tan colored jacket. As for accessories, we want you to have a black bag and shoes with tassels. Simple yet outstanding. 

#2 Shirts and their sleeves.

To introduce a splash of coolness and style to the same old shirt, we have a trick for you. A striped shirt or one in denim will look great if you just end up rolling up the sleeves. The chic and fashionable look that you will be able to achieve will be outstanding. Check out the pool of choices that Coupon hub Canada is offering you with.

#3 The boyfriend shirt/jeans.

No, they needn’t belong to your boyfriend, but the fit can be loose. This trend is spreading like wildfire, and you must try it out as well. You can put on a pair of well-fitted jeans that are ripped along with a boyfriend’s shirt. The chic and casual look you will sport with a messy bun will be to die for.

The same look can be reversed. Put on a crop top in a bold shade along with a pair of boyfriend jeans. A pair of white sneakers and girl you’ll be ready to set fire on the roads.

#4 Do it right with belts.

No matter what you’re wearing the oomph factor can be doubled if you put on a belt. Your tunic, dress, scarf top or layers can take the touch of a belt to bring out the beautiful hour-glass of yours. It will help you look slimmer and way more fashionable than you can imagine. Belts can be slim, broad with a decorative buckle. Anything that suits your taste and helps you bring that beautiful figure.

#5 Pay attention to your shoulders.

Gone are those days of flaunting your shoulders in an odd shoulder top. We want you to cover it up with a blazer, jacket, cape or a simple cashmere sweater. You can wear it or just lay not over your shoulders without putting your hands in the sleeves. Yes, you will display the perfect, beautiful appearance with elegance and charm.

#6 Stripes all over!

Play with the beauty of stripes. We ask you to dress only in stripes. You could wear trousers with wider gaps in between the horizontal line, and for your shirt, you can wear stripes as well. But the stripes should be closer.

You can also redefine it by wear a mix of vertical and horizontal stripes. As for accessories, we suggest bold colors. A pair of stilettos in blood red and an orange handbag is what all you need to look picture perfect.

#7 Elegance with white.

Change the rule of not dressing up entirely in white after Labor Day. A white button-down shirt. A white, cropped blazer and a pair of white trousers are all that you need. To add some splash of color to this monochrome outfit, you can pair it with a sleek, brown belt and a pair of tan stilettos. You will look like the symbol of elegance and charm when you wear all white.

#8 Knots will undo the magic.

Yes, you can accentuate that beautiful waistline by tying a knot to your shirt on one side. How about wearing a dress and then putting on a shirt. Now try to knot this shirt which has to be cropped. 

#9 Turtlenecks and what goes with it.

Turtleneck is making headlines in the fashion world. You can wear a cropped, black turtleneck shirt with a statement, multicolored piece of jewelry to it.  The black background of your turtleneck will create the perfect canvas for your neck piece to stand out and shine.

These are the few ways you can dress up every day to look great before you head out. We have also made sure these outfits and combinations aren’t way out of your reach, and you can easily avail them. Embrace fashion, and you’ll see how it makes you look good in the most unexpected way.