Art lovers and people have with a passion for art like to keep a close eye on any art events taking place in the industry as they are always looking for something new and unique. This is a mutual tendency, as the creators of art love to keep on creating and displaying their new pieces. There are many different forms of art that can be displayed in different galleries.

Art can be in the form of a drawing, painting, sculpture, woodwork, media paintings, abstract work, 3D work and photography. Every segment has artists who like to get appreciation for their work and create something better than before. Art galleries do not display all artwork all the time; 1 because of space, and 2 because they like to keep work separated into categories for display events. There are many famous galleries across the globe which display the latest work, usually on different themed weeks as they simply do not have enough space to display all at once.

Top 8 Forms of Art Displayed in Galleries:

  1. Drawing: In the area of drawing there are vast fields which cover lot many things. A shape and size to an expression and the way of presentation, everything is seen under the segment of drawing. The imagination of an artist is just given a shape with the help of color and brush. There are many lovers of this form of art around the world who just can appreciate such art piece. It is also considered as one of the oldest form of art. There is hardly any gallery which does not exhibit such sort of art piece at a specific frequency of time.
  1. Painting: In this segment the artist gives shape to various images and fantasy as well as things with the help of a specific style of painting. There are various styles of painting which follows certain rules and regulations of the use of colors and combination of them and each school of painting differ from each other by its style of painting only. There are a number of different types of colors used to highlight the hidden facts of the painting which is a notable point of this piece of art work.
  1. Sculpture: Here a number of sculptures can be seen created from mud, porcelain and even of marble. It is a different style of artwork which requires a lot of hard work, deep patience for the completion of an art piece and there are only few sculptors who can possess and hold such patience and skill. Such art pieces are not that easily exhibited and hence there are not many exhibitions held for sculpture display.
  1. Wood work: A woodwork as the name suggests the creation of an art on a piece of wood. It is also one of the oldest form of art which is loved by people in general also. Different shapes are created by craft on a piece of quality wood and a perfect art piece of wood is created. There are many centers and galleries which display this artwork on a regular base also as there are a huge number of people who love this art and like to decorate their living room with such piece of craft.
  1. Media Paintings: This is a new concept in comparison to conventional approaches. It covers wide variety paintings of different media which are seen on time to time basis. It is a very modern style of artwork and quite popular in some countries where conventional forms of art piece are not that famous as well as popularized. It also shows that art does not have any limitations an new arts also can be developed with change of trend.
  1. Abstract work: This is a very wide topic and has deep roots in different cultures also. It is an area where only experts and artists can comment. There are a few lines or drops of colors on canvass which displays much expression that is not easy to understand for everybody. Hence abstract work is a very deep topic and there are many artists and art lovers who like this sort of art piece. There are many galleries who organize the display of abstract paints on a regular frequency.
  1. 3D work: This is a modern concept. It is created in such a way that the viewer hardly can escape from the image created by the artwork. It is one of the most popular artwork in modern days and this art has grown rapidly. There are a huge number of people who love this art and like to purchase paintings of 3D work. It gives the viewer such an image of painting that the image shown in the painting is just close to him and creates a beautiful sort of illusion.
  1. Photography: Although it is done with the help of a camera but still it is admitted as an art. Since the evolution of the camera, it is also considered as photo capturing is an art. There are many images which cannot be taken that easily and a right moment click is something more important. There are lovers of photography who roam from place to place and wait long hours just in search of a few good images. Only because of such artist some rare photos can be seen in galleries. This piece of art is also displayed by a number of galleries on a regular basis.

There are many art galleries who are very specialised and only display certain types of art, such as sculptures. There are also online art galleries where one can see art pieces from various artists online. One of the famous galleries is located in the UK and you can visit to know more.