The God’s own country is known for its scenic beauty, rich culture and love for gold. Every occasion here celebrates all the above characteristics of this magical state. No wonder, the grandeur and glamour, demonstrated in a typical Kerala wedding, is worth capturing for life. Here we have presented our top six photo-magicians in the state, who can take the art of wedding photography to an entirely different level.

Imagenation: Kochi-based Imagenation boasts of a team of young professional wedding photographers, who specialize in creative photography. The flamboyance, the plethora of emotions and the absolute unpredictability that rules every wedding, inspire them to better their craft with each assignment. They take the task of understanding the varied emotions of the couple and translate them into their work, which they are totally passionate about.

Kerala wedding Photography: This company from Kottayam has been in the business for seven years now. The team consists of experienced photographers and cinematographers from the film industry. They offer a lot of unique services like aerial and underwater photography and produces wedding albums of the highest quality, which they claim to last for a century!

Eventree Weddings: This Kochi-based company consists of some truly gifted photographers, who always strive to push their boundaries. Their sincerity towards their job doesn’t allow them to miss any moment of a wedding and they always end up pleasantly surprising their clients with stunning images. The albums that they provide are complete from every sense and are capable of bringing smiles to the faces of their clients years after.

Rohith Ravi Photography: Rohith Ravi from Kochi has a tremendously professional approach towards wedding photo-shoots and vows to create stories out of pictures, which are able to stand the test of time. He enjoys outdoor shoots with the couple as this allows his clients to get rid of camera-shyness. He prefers proper planning before every shoot since this helps him to capture every minute detail.

JKR Productions: Jibu K Rajan is a seasoned creative visualizer from Thiruvananthapuram. His rich experience in multimedia has equipped him with the latest design software; which enriches his art incredibly. A self-taught photographer, Jibu loves to capture the intricacies of a wedding and believes that, memorable moments are worth treasuring for life.

Jackson James Photography: Thrissur-based Jackson James manages to find a story even in the simplest of the things in life. Over the past three years, James has worked on a vast genre of photography, yet finds weddings to be the most interesting among all. He emphasizes on a thorough conversation with his clientele to relax things before the actual do. His work speaks quality and he loves experimenting with new styles and techniques.

All the above names are synonymous with best wedding photography in Kerala and you can view their portfolio, check rates and contact them from the comfort of your home by visiting  You can also learn about other top wedding photographers in Kerala here if you need more choices.