Top 6 Things to Look for in a Metal Fabrication Company

Choosing the right custom metal fabrication company is critical as it will mean the difference between getting high quality and low-quality production. It’s therefore vital to do thorough research to ensure you are settling for the best fabricator that the marketplace has to offer.

But sometimes, it’s tough to decide since the market offers an incredible selection of metal fabrication companies, each offering something different. The question then becomes, how do you choose the best among so many options?

Here are top six things to look for in a metal fabrication company:


The first thing you want to look at is whether the company in question has the right kind of experience handling your metal fabrication needs, or not. Keep in mind that these companies specialize in different types of fabrication – so, if you are interested in auto parts fabrication, then you don’t want to settle for an architectural metal fabricator. Fabrication processes differ in requirements, so you have to make sure that the company can handle the grade, type, and gauge of metal needed for your project.

It’s also a good idea to go for a company that does the entire process in-house instead of outsourcing – this will help save you time, costs and guarantee top quality. Last but not least, the company should have adequate staff, equipment, material, and production capacity needed to complete the project promptly and on budget.


Pay attention to the practical experience the company has. Top steel metal fabrication companies like Trimantec have engineers who can translate shop drawings into feasible projects; bidders who break down complicated projects into detailed costs; project managers with practical experience, to mention a few. All these can influence the success of your project.


Don’t forget to inquire about the company’s quality measures to guarantee superior quality production. Take time to learn about their inspections and everything that revolves around quality assurance, including the type of materials used. Making sure that the fabricator has access to the right grade metal alloy or stainless steel is crucial.


If you are considering ordering large quantities of fabricated metals, then a good idea would be to find a fabricator who excels in different manufacturing techniques with different kinds of metals. This will not only help you save time and energy that you’d otherwise use to look for other companies but will also ensure consistency in quality and communication.

Industries served

Industries are governed by varying compliance and regulation requirements. If a fabricator continually delivers high-quality solutions to manufacturers spanning the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industry, then it’s very likely that they are capable of handling the most complex tasks. The mentioned industries have the strictest sets of specifications and guidelines.


Of course, you want to work with a company whose prices fall within your budgetary preference. So, once you have all the above factors figured out, you may use the cost to narrow down to your most preferred company.

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