Indian weddings are incomplete without the country’s flagship attire – the saris. Although these nine-yard-wonders are made in every possible fabric available under the sun, silk saris are considered most appropriate for traditional affairs like weddings, especially in south Indian cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, because of their rich texture and finesse. If you are a Chennai bride and are awe-struck by the beauty and grace of silk saris, then you need to consider the following list to get a fair idea about the options available to you as far as bridal saris are concerned. These gorgeous saris in vibrant colors will bring that radiance in your look, which will be well captured by your favorite Chennai wedding photographer.

Top 6 Silk Saris For A Chennai Bride

Kancheepuram silk: The Kancheepuram or Kanjeevaram silk, produced in Tamil Nadu, is one of the most loved bridal saris in India. These heavy silk saris are characterized by vibrant contrasting colors, traditional motifs and temple borders. The body, border, and pallu of these weaved marvels are made separately and are joined later in an elaborate interlocking process. A pure Kanjeevaram is made with gold plated silver threads, making them extremely expensive. However, saris made with synthetic ‘zari’ are available widely. The skilled craftsmanship associated in making these saris does not let anyone find any difference between the two.

Konrad silk: These wide bordered ‘temple saris’ from Tamil Nadu are as gorgeous as a decked up bride. These are made with traditional motifs like elephants, paisleys, lotus and peacocks and come in a variety of colors, especially in all earthy shades. In older times, Konrad silks were used to drape the statues of deities in the temples; hence the name ‘temple sari.’

Mysore silk: If you are looking for a light weight silk without compromising on beauty, then you need to go for a Mysore silk sari. A staple from Karnataka, this mulberry silk sari is easy to carry and imparts a rich feel to the overall bridal look. These versatile saris come in vivacious colors and let you drape them as you please.

Dharmavaram silk: The production of Dharmavaram silks dates back around 120 years ago. These pure mulberry silk saris are produced mainly in the small town of Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh. These saris utilize double muted color yarns to form the body, whereas the pallu and borders are usually in a golden hue. Most of the saris incorporate intricate embroidery in traditional motifs. The heavier the work, the higher is the price.

Gadwal or Sico saris: Gadwall saris hail from the state of Telangana and are characterized by distinctive ‘zari’ work and contrasting colors. A unique feature of these saris is, their body is made from cotton yarn, pallu is weaved in rich Kota silks, while the border is created out of zari – all are woven separately and interlocked later like the Kanjeevaram saris. Hence, if you are planning for a summer wedding, you can easily look like a million bucks in these cotton-silk saris without compromising on the comfort quotient.

Pochampally Ikkat: These buttery smooth light weight saris from Telangana are known for their unique patterns and are apt for brides looking for an offbeat sari. These are usually devoid of any zari work and the geometric patterns are created using Ikat style of dyeing.

Apart from the above gorgeous varieties exclusive to south India, you can also choose your wedding silk from other parts of the country. A royal brocade Banarsi, a sophisticated Assam silk or a lovely Baluchari can easily make you look like a queen on your top wedding photography.