Oil is obtained from a tiny shrimp like animal called krill. Oil is extracted from these animals and placed in capsules and otherwise also used directly as a medicine. There are various benefits of this oil since in composition it is similar to the fish oil. These fatty acids in the krill oil are very beneficial and here in this article various benefits of krill oil are mentioned. These are the reasons krill oil is gaining popularity among the medical professionals and people alike these days.

  1. Reducing the Bad Cholesterol in the Blood

There is research based evidence to show that this oil is very beneficial for people suffering from high cholesterol. It is shown that certain types of this oil product when taken in moderate amounts of around 1 to 1.5 grams a day can reduce the total cholesterol and bad, low density lipoprotein. Higher doses also help in reducing the levels of triglycerides significantly. This oil is also known to help patients suffering from high blood pressure. Therefore overall cardiac health is improved with regular intake of this oil.

  1. Useful for Various Kinds of Arthritis

There are various benefits for people suffering from arthritis. Taking around 300 mg of a specific kind of oil can help in relieving pain and stiffness in people suffering from osteoarthritis. Even with rheumatoid arthritis krill oil is a good remedial action.

  1. Oil from Krill has Phospholipid Omega 3

The oil obtained from the tiny krill has high amounts of phospholipid omega 3 acids that have always been recommended by the scientists as a very useful solution for a lot of problems associated with the mind and the heart. Taking small doses of this oil is very useful for autism, ADHD, depression and even bipolar disorder.

  1. It is a Sustainable Remedy

The reason why the oil obtained from krill is becoming very popular the world over is because this oil is obtained from tiny krill that are nothing but a variety of planktons and they can reproduce and get replenished very easily. The world over their population is beyond imagination and even the fishing for the krill is carried out under a sustainable limit.

  1. It is a Natural Product

Most of the medicines that people take for various heart and neural disorders have large amount of complex chemicals that can cause a lot of problems! These chemicals cause side effects that are very difficult to cure. And thus one should not be relying on them. Oil from krill on the other hand is completely natural and does not have any side effects.

  1. Mood Improvement and Better Sleep

Oil from krill has been known to help people with fighting depression and bad mood and can really help in reducing anxiety and stress. With the mind relaxed and in a calmer state one is generally able to sleep much better. This is why a lot of people suffering from insomnia are advised to take oil from krill once before sleeping.