With the petrol and diesel prices constantly rising, more and more car manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the development of fuel efficient engines. This year the car industry witnessed radical changes in the engine system. Although electric cars prove to be cost effective, if fuel consumption is taken into account, it still lacks on offering performance. This is where petrol and diesel cars still make a difference. With an objective to offer performance and fuel efficiency at the same time, popular car brands are eyeing to make their cars hybrid with a combination of gasoline and electric power. 

The following is a list of the top ten fuel efficient cars of 2014:

•    Ford Fusion Hybrid 2014

This car will undeniably top the list of the most fuel-efficient cars of 2014. Despite the fact that it has a 47-MPG combined rating which is similar to the Honda Accord, it will still be way ahead of it due to its significantly lower price tag. With 129lb-ft torque and 141 hp, this vehicle offers unmatched performance.

•    Honda Accord Hybrid 2014

One car that perfectly combines better fuel economy along with high-grade performance is Honda Accord Hybrid 2014. It gets an impressive MPG combined rating of 47 with 50MPG within the city and 45MPG on the freeway. It has a 2.0 litre four-cylinder hybrid engine comprising 141hp and 122 lb feet of torque. The best thing about this vehicle is that it is competitively priced just like the Ford Fusion.

Top 6 Fuel Efficient Cars Of 2014

•    Honda Civic Hybrid 2014

Honda focused on refreshing the entire civic model this year, and the result has been outstanding. Comprising of a 1.5 litre four-cylinder hybrid engine, the Civic Hybrid gets an impressive 45-MPG combined rating. It comes in a competitive price tag of $25,425, and this makes it a preferable choice for the ones who want an affordable fuel-efficient vehicle.

•     Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 2014

This impressive vehicle precisely combines fuel efficiency, affordability and performance. With 1.4 litres turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid engine, this vehicle offers an impressive output of 184 lb-ft of torque and 170hp. It comes within an affordable price tag of $28,464, and its fuel economy rating ranges between 48MPG on the highway and 42 MPG in the city.

•    Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 2014

One major aspect that has helped the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid 2014 to ease its way into the list is its American automaker’s 2.0 litre Atkinson Cylinder hybrid engine that delivers fuel efficiency and performance at the same time. It offers a handsome fuel economy rating of 45 MPG, however, the price $36, 085- makes it pretty expensive.

•    Toyota Camry Hybrid 2014

Although the Camry Hybrid is not much different from its earlier versions, it has some minute alterations. It comprises of the same 2.5 litre hybrid engine which is a combination of the Lexus ES 300h and the Avalon Hybrid. The major credits of its high-end fuel efficiency goes to its advanced aerodynamic design which was absent in the previous designs. It offers a combined fuel economy rating of 41-MPG.

Apart from these vehicles, the Lexus ES 300h and the Toyota Avalon Hybrid also deserves to stay in the list. Automobile experts predict that next year, the industry will witness even more fuel efficient vehicles that will offer unmatched fuel economy.

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