At majority parts of the world, English is considered as the first language and also a standard language for communicating worldwide. Among all the language skills- listening, understanding, reading, writing and speaking, speaking is the toughest among all. Speaking any language, especially English language needs constant improvisation and it is better to learn it with right tricks as well as constant diligence in order to get over the learning curve with ease.

Top 5 Tips To Master The Art Of Fluent English Speaking!!

As a result, in order to help you out in improving your speech skills in the English language, below are listed some of the great tips that can be carried with the everyday tasks. Also, it could help in mastering the art of fluent English speaking. So, let us have a closer look at those tips:

  • Setting Specific Goals: As we learn or look forward to improving our speech skills, it is better first we set specific goals. Just aiming to speak like a native speaker should no be the only aim. Instead, one should concentrate on the areas where we lack, for instance- the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation and build some definite strategies for ensuring that we excel in English speaking. You can even opt to take spoken English classes in Ahmedabad or your nearby area that will help in the constant improvisation of your language skills while achieving your language goals successfully. Also, keep in mind that a good English speaker must speak clearly, concisely and correctly without any fake accent.

  • Be an active listener: Good speaking skills come with good listening skills. As you struggle to improve your speaking skills, listening to different English programs, discussions, movies, songs would also help extensively in improving the language ability. Besides that, listening can help in giving the insights into the rhythm of the language. It also helps with the better pronunciation of the words. Be mindful when you listen to any good speaker like an anchor, news reader, talk show host, commentator or any and concentrate on their pronunciation.

  • Incorporate English speaking in daily routine: It is advised to speak in English to the maximum extent even if you are unsure of its accuracy. Remember, the more we speak, the better we get and thus it is better to grab the opportunity to speak with friends, family, over the phone as well as even at the social set-ups. Also, it is a good practice that you note down your mistakes and work on them with each passing day.

  • Be a reader freak: People usually don’t like to read, but believe me, reading could help you with constant improvement in terms of language structure as well as vocabulary. Cultivating the habit of reading, generally, a newspaper could help you with a better improvement of vocabs.

  • Build your vocabulary: If you come across a new yet interesting word, just note it down in a notebook or mobile phone. Later you could check out its meaning and use it on a regular basis. This will improve your speaking as well as writing skills while improving your vocabulary. Better to maintain an excel sheet and as you find new words you can enter those words in the sheet along with its meaning. Also, these words could help in keeping your content short and simple (KISS). The shorter the sentence, the better you are improving.

As you go through above-mentioned steps, it is ensured that you would soon be one of the proficient English speakers. For better practice you can even record your voice and listen to it later. Besides that, it is good practice to watch yourself in the mirror while speaking. Thus, this is how you can master the art of fluent English speaking.