When buying an apartment in the city one of our concerns is to minimize space wastage while accommodating our furniture in the best way possible. In order to optimize space usage, we often end up cluttering a lot of corners. It does not have to be so. There are numerous ways you can save space and make your home look tidy while accommodating all the essentials. Let us take a look at five interesting space saving tips we can implement in our homes.

Top 5 Space Saving Tips For Your New Home In Kolkata

Unique Wall Displays

While shifting or cleaning out your home you would be surprised of the things you have not used for long or you will never require anymore. Discard them and you will instantly feel lighter. For things that you never wish to throw consider using them for decoration purposes. Attaching different sized boxes to the wall and placing your favourite items such as books, display items or ornaments will free up space and add beauty to the room.

Wall Mounted Shelves

If you do not have enough space for a nightstand, there is nothing to worry. A deep-mounted shelf on the wall is the perfect option for providing utility while saving space.  You can place books or sundries or even use it as a desk while working. Wall mounted shelves are useful for small as well as large space. The open space underneath the shelf visually enlarges the space and makes the look bigger.

Top 5 Space Saving Tips For Your New Home In Kolkata

Using Cupboard Doors Optimally

Usually, the biggest space crunch is faced in the kitchen with so many appliances and cooking utensils taking up every bit of space. Also, if the kitchen is small there is a lot of difficulty in keeping it perfectly tidy all the time. The kitchen cupboard doors can be used for multiple functions apart from storing purposes. For example hanging a menu board on the inside of the cupboard doors can be useful or you could also install hooks that will allow you to hang various utensils. This will free space and keep your kitchen tidy.

Stairs with Drawers

A unique space saving idea is using your stairs as a storage option. An innovative idea, it is ideal for smaller homes. The stairs can be used as drawers and you can store clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. It will free your home of clutter and free plenty of space around the house.

Top 5 Space Saving Tips For Your New Home In Kolkata

Cabinet and Under the Bed Storage

Baseboards under the cabinets in your room, kitchen or bathroom make are helpful in making that extra space for storage purposes. Even your bed has a hidden storage potential. Various beds are designed with under -bed drawers. These accommodate your extra bedding, blankets, books and things that you want to store. Useful in maximizing space, they are an inexpensive storage option.

If you are planning to buy an apartment in Kolkata, incorporating these space storage hacks at home will keep your place tidy and clutter free while providing a unique look to your décor.