We are living in that Era where survival cost your whole self. It does not mean that you have to sacrifice your life for the survival but you have to let yourself explore those specific ways which lead you to live your life with success and peace.

As talking about success, every person wants to be successful in his/her life. Success is not easy to get, you to have to go through from some serious struggle for a better future or life. Nowadays the majority is involved in B2B Businesses. B2B business is not easy to tackle, you always need some sort of guideline which will lead you to the way success. In this present year 2018 asking about the success rate in B2B business, no one is going to able to give a specific answer. But I can help you tackle the swing balls which are thrown at you while you are busy chasing the success. For the perfect shot, you have to follow some trends which will help you hit the swing with perfect accuracy. If you are aware of B2B marketing trends then it’s for your company. But for starters, it is important to take a look at the latest B2B marketing trends which will help you lead towards success. To help you out through this struggling phase I have assembled some leading trends which will surely help you out how to tackle B2B business.

What is B2B Marketing?

B2B marketing is a business to business process. It’s is the business which markets products or service to other marketers or organization.

In the easiest way, B2B sell their product to those who are targeted as buyers with different partners. This seems to be tricky and challenging much but it is providing a perfect platform to mold your business for success. It is the hard yet easiest way to increase your success rates! Nothing is impossible because the word impossible is itself saying that I M POSSIBLE! Be positive enough that one day you are going to hit your goal but for that, you have to set up some strategies which lead you towards greater success results.

Who is B2B Marketing For?

Companies which target their buyers from another company. This can be done in many ways some are;   software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscriptions, security solutions, tools, accessories, office supplies.

As the world of B2B and technology evolves, we see that small businesses and entrepreneurs are the forefronts of these upcoming and emerging trends. The new era of inclusive trade is bringing new trends in global policies which unleashes new opportunities for companies all around the world. Technology has changed the way Business to Business portals work with new digital trading features and branding. This brings a positive change for traders who don’t have to use traditional trading methods anymore and rather choose digital trading features and the right business portals to invest their time in. The best business objectives for digital domains are websites for B2B business.

The 21st-century global trading system brings new trading policies along with it. Expanding your business globally only gets easier by choosing the right B2B organizations to deal with. These organizations provide buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers globally and provide them with services that make it efficient for both parties to purchase the products. Many exporters continue to increase their bottom line and create their competitiveness by selling to world markets. It’s easier for exporters to attest and diversify your customer base through exporting to help weather changes in the domestic and global economies.

The world is open for Business. Regardless of where you are located, trading only gets easier through digital portals and organizations that deal with the world’s top buyers, sellers and manufacturers from around the world. I’ve compiled the few top B2B websites who are making a significant name in the buying and selling the world.


  1. Alibaba

Alibaba Group is a Chinese private group based in Hangzhou committed to e-commerce in the world of the Internet, encompass business-to-business, consumer sales, and retail portals. It also provides online payment services, a price contrasting search engine, and cloud data storage services. In 2012, two Alibaba portals together controlled 1.1 trillion yuan (170 000 million dollars) sales, which is more than its competitors both eBay and Amazon.com together.

The company performs majorly in the People’s Republic of China, and in March 2013 the Economist magazine calculated that the group could be valued at between $ 55 billion and $ 120 billion. During 2013, it secures profit of almost US $ 7.5 billion and had approximately 22,000 employees in March 2014.

Alibaba is presently listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange, it is simply one of the biggest and oldest online B2B platform in the world assisting more than 35 million users. It has ten associated companies, according to the corporate summary present on its website which are Alibaba International, Alibaba China, Tmall, Taobao, Juhuasuan, Alimama, Aliexpress, Aliyun, Alipay, China Smart Logistics.

Alibaba is serving in all types of things, but the company perform majorly through three sites: Taobao, China’s biggest shopping site; Tmall: It’s just like Taobao, but the products on offer are of the best quality; and Alibaba.com, which enables Chinese exporters with companies in other parts of the globe.

  1. DHgate

DHgate is a B2B podium that enables importers from the world to purchase a small number of Chinese goods at a wholesale price. Here you can search for electronic gadgets, decorative items, clothing, sports accessories, etc. DHGate showcases more than 30 Million products in 227 countries globally. It has more than 5 million clients globally and is presently existing among the 2100 most visited pages on the internet.

DHgate has been blamed to be a fraud site in the past, but later on, all the blames were blown up by the rising popularity of the portal. Just like eBay and Amazon, It is also a global hawkers market. The portal is utilized by at least one million small Chinese hawkers. DHgate.com keeps an eye on providers and does not take frauds lightly. However, it is impossible to give the guarantee that each of the providers is legal.

Some suppliers at DHgate provides products with CE, FCC and RoHS certificates. The easiest way to dodge uncertified products is to enter the product name with the certification standard in the search field. Some particular products in the United States and the European Union need an agreement with certain standards such as CE, FCC, and EN71. Very fewer products on DHgate.com fits with the European and American product standards. While there are plenty of quality products to purchase from DHgate.com.

  1. Global Sources

Global sources is one of the very first B2B podium that was recorded in NASDAQ under the name of GSOL. The B2B platform is known for its quality suppliers from different industries. Many Chinese manufacturers select to pay a significant amount to become a verified supplier on this portal.

Global Sources was established in Singapore in 2000, Global Sources helps international trade, aiming mainly on bringing the traders around the globe closer to each other.

Just like Alibaba, Globalsources.com is a directory of manufacturers and suppliers, mostly Chinese, to facilitate B2B e-commerce. This platform is connected to the International Trade Fairs that are built in Hong Kong and where the most famous manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong participate. According to Wikipedia, 95 out of the 100 most renowned retail chains in the world utilize this platform to connect with the suppliers and manufacturers.

There is a great selecting criteria of suppliers and manufacturers given in the development, origin, and actuality of the platform. Being connected with the Hong Kong Trade Fairs most of the members are registered companies on the island with great experience in trading with the West. This allows the concepts of functionality, durability, design, customer service, as well as the principles and rules of international trade. In other words, their offers are providing you the assurity and guarantee in many ways.

  1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is a new leading online B2B site that has been growing rapidly and is developing a new and smart way for the buyers and sellers to reach each other. eWorldTrade is a subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC from the United States, expertise in digital media and technological service providing.

Headquarters of this B2B site is situated in the Dallas, Texas and it is running all its main operations from Karachi, Pakistan. Now It has become a part of CPEC to make improved trade relations between Pakistan and China. The main goal that this site wants to hit is to help the Chinese suppliers, dealers and manufacturers reach their targeted audience.

This online global B2B platform is known as the rapidly growing online marketplaces where thousands of sellers, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, and hawkers are registering every day and meeting their potential customers across the globe.

Thousands of manufacturers from different countries and cities are registering themselves on the website every day, and it can be observed that this platform will be a great competitor to all the other B2B platforms. eWorldTrade.com provides everyone an opportunity to become a reseller of different products and services. It has proved to be advantageous for small businesses and manufacturers in China who are ready to spread their businesses worldwide

  1. EC Plaza

Another Korean e-commerce website in Korea, EC Plaza was started in four languages: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. One of the fastest emerging B2B Website in South Korea. ECplaza.net launched as a B2B trading portal site in 1996, EC Plaza has developed to number 1 online Trade platform offering offline and online service to over 400,000 members. This online B2B platform doesn’t only serve as a B2B website but also trade consulting, EDI service, etc. It also provides the SMEs offline trade-related services, based on export marketing.

With a network spread across the world and high brand recognition, we are expanding our business field to the global market by offering significant value such as more business opportunities, convenience and cost saving.

The premiere wholesale B2B marketplace, ECPlaza offers information on wholesalers, importers, exporters, manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers of different products across the world. Suppliers can boost their products and services. Buyers can always find information, products, and services that various manufacturers, sellers or worldwide suppliers’ are providing them, this is one of a famous B2B platform for everyone.


Following are the top 5 online B2B portals which are playing a crucial role in the advanced and smart world of trading. These are the fastest growing portals which are facilitation every single buyer, supplier, manufacturer, retailer to showcase their product and secure the success they always dream off.