Top 5 HP (Hewlett Packard) Refurbished Laptops

The most famous phrase “The best bang for your buck” suites well for the refurbished laptops. But as soon as someone hears the word refurbished, many questions arise, like “someone used this laptop for sometime and when he/she started facing some issues with it, they fixed it and sold it”, “there might be something missing in this laptop”. But that’s the question that comes to everyone’s mind and many companies have answered it who personally refurbish used laptops.

Why do these companies sell these used laptops? It’s simple, they make a huge profit because they refurbish the laptops with their own in-house parts and that’s what makes it more profitable for them. In this way, they can make a used laptop much better when it comes to performance. Below is a list of some of the best refurbished laptops by HP or Hewlett Packard.

1.  Hp Envy Dv6-7229wm  (Price $390.00) at

This laptop has been refurbished by HP and basically it never faced any issues and it was cleaned. This laptop is backed by the AMD Quad Core A10-4600M CPU, which is considered to be having some kind of super powers (kidding). It can perform almost any task you throw at it, even some of the most processor intensive tasks such as video editing and playing games (yes gaming is considered as a processor intensive task).

Image Source :

Technical Specifications:

Processor – AMD Quad Core A10-4600M
Hard Drive – 750GB
Screen – 15.6inch
Graphics – Radeon HD 7660G
Operating System –Windows 8

2.  HP Pavilion dv6-6145dx  (Price $266.29) at

Again, this one runs on the AMD A8 Quad Core CPU. Many of you might think that nowadays Intel is the real deal but it’s not. You might like Intel for some time, but if you really want to use your laptop for a long time and want it to function just as new, AMD is best for you. You will need to do some regular cleaning from inside and you’re good to go.

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Technical Specifications:

Processor – AMD A8 Quad Core 3500M (1.5GHz)
Hard Drive – 640GB SATA
Screen – 15.6inch
Graphics – AMD Radeon HD 6620G
Operating System –Windows 7 Home Premium

3.  HP EliteBook 2560p  (Price $490) at

EliteBook has been one of the most famous laptops from HP, but how does it perform when it is refurbished? It is packed with the Intel Core i5 processor, which is a beast when it comes to processor intensive tasks, and combine it with the 4GB RAM and you’ve got everything you want. Unless you are someone like Tony Stark, this laptop should be able to fulfill all your computer needs.

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Technical Specification:

Processor – Intel Core i5-2520M (2.5GHz)
Hard Drive – 500GB SATA
Screen – 12inch
Graphics – Intel HD Graphics
Operating System – No OS Installed.

4.  HP Pavilion G6-2235US  (Price $402.66) at

This laptop is not a manufacturer refurbished and so I would advise you to thoroughly look at the images and also if you are serious about purchasing this one, call the seller and confirm its condition before purchasing. This laptop uses the AMD A6-4400M processor for processing the tasks, which is great. If you are planning to do some mid-level gaming, this laptop can support that without any glitches and the same applies for photo and video editing.

If you are thinking to do some hardcore stuff, make sure you take a look at other laptops in this list. Also, if you are searching for a trusted laptops reseller, E-Laptopz is the best place to look.

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Technical Specification:

Processor – AMD A6-4400M (2.7GHz)
Hard Drive – 500GB
Screen – NA
Graphics – AMD Radeon Graphics
Operating System – Windows 7

5.  HP Compaq 8510p  (Price $278) at

If you are a serious budget person, this laptop is best for you. Why? You’ll come to know in a minute. Nowadays, we all got a habit of listening to the Intel Core processors which are really awesome, but some of the other companies/processors are much better than the Intel Core I processors. For instance, consider AMD, they manufacture one of the best processors in the world (even better than Intel).

Keep that processors and companies on a side for now. This laptop runs on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which is a great processor for someone wanting to do nothing more than making presentations, photo or video editing/gaming that is not much processor intensive and web surfing. This laptop is best for college students and people doing some light work on their computers.

IMage Sourrce :

Technical Specification:

Processor – Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 (2.0GHz)
Hard Drive – 500GB SATA
Screen – 15.4inch Display, 1280 x 800
Graphics – NA
Operating System – Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

So these are the top 5 HP or Hewlett Packard refurbished laptops. These laptops are for everyone, if you are someone who has a of $400 or if you are someone who has a budget of $200, consider any of the laptops above and you’ll thank me.

Make sure you let us know your experience with any of the laptops above.

Jacci is a team lead for a Geeksquad tech support firm at London. I’ve pretty good experience in trouble shooting latest gadgets.

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