People love to have chocolates. But the point is, most people like to have sweetened, flavored and milk chocolates. This is because they have a finger licking taste. Most people do not prefer dark chocolates at all. Dark chocolates are bitter in taste, and they are not as sweet as milk chocolates. That is why, from kids to adults, most people prefer having milk and sweetened chocolates, but they are not that good for health. On the other hand, dark chocolates are very beneficial for health. So, if one wants to send chocolates by post, they must include dark chocolate bars in it.

Why One should Prefer Dark Chocolates Over Milk Chocolates?

Well, the reasons are many and they are very important.

  • Many researches have come to the conclusion that dark chocolates and milk chocolates both have almost the same number of calories. But, the amounts of carbohydrates present in dark chocolates are much less than that of milk chocolates. As milk chocolates contain 50 grams of carbohydrates in per 100 grams of chocolates; dark chocolates containno more than 35 grams of carbohydrates in a 100 grams. But yes, this is true only in terms of proper dark chocolates; like those which have 70 to 80 percent of cocoa content. That is why if one wants to lose weight, then dark chocolates are beneficial for them. Low carbohydrate content moves the amount of body insulin up, and the dietary fat does not get stored in the fat cells.
  • Though milk chocolates are much tastier, dark chocolates can actually lead to cause less ageing. This is becauseit has cocoa fats, which is also known as cocoa butter. On the other hand, it also has fructose. Both cocoa butter and fructose are good for skin as we all know that they are the key ingredients for skin creams and anti ageing skin care products. We all know that dark chocolate pastes are used for facial creams and also they are used to remove tans which can be caused from harmful sun rays. That is why they are always good for skin. Milk chocolates only have lactose, which increases the glucose content in a human body.
  • Huge number of polyphenols are present in dark chocolates. The cocoa content is very high in this variety of chocolates which is actually good. The other varieties like milk chocolates and sweetened chocolates do not have more than 30 to 40 percent of cocoa content. That is why dark chocolates are always bitter in taste and other chocolates taste sweet.
  • There is not a single drop of milk, present in dark chocolates. They have in turn raw chocolate liquor which can actually keep the blood pressure level in a human body normal. They are a bit heavy and more filling in nature.

For birthday chocolates; people always prefer varieties of flavored chocolates. But one should always include dark chocolate bars as they have a lot of goodness in it. Though they do not taste that heavenly, yet they are very helpful.