The decision what pet to choose requires a lot of consideration and knowledge of any particular animal, its behavior and demeanor, habitat, ration, etc.

It’s much easier to pick up a hamster or a rat because they all look similar to each other and have a lot in common, at least a future master knows what to expect. When it comes to choosing a cat or a dog, this process might a pretty time-consuming as there are plenty of things to take into account. The first and the foremost question to consider is where to take a pet? The recent modern tendency among potential dog’s or cat’s keepers is instead of paying a fortune for expensive breeds, people prefer picking up the one from a local adoption center. You can also find out more about cat adoption or dog adoption and perhaps you will be lucky to have a perfect pet.

Once you have decided which animal you want for your child, it’s high time to make up your mind about a breed because depending on this criterion your pet will be either a good shepherd or an irreplaceable guardian. So, in this article we will consider top 5 kid friendly dog breeds for children to make your choice easier.

Labrador Retriever

Initially, this medium-sized, strongly built and athletic dog was aimed at hunting water fowl, but now its temperament of a family companion serves as a perfect choice for any child. Its physical features and mental characteristics enable this breed to take part in different games and competitions and bring pleasure to your active and energetic kid. Labrador Retriever has a very tractable nature which makes it easy to tame and adapt to various environments. It is distinguished by its non-aggressive attitude towards man and other dogs.


These dogs possess a stable, gently and lively personality. They enjoy playing with children and are fun and entertaining to observe. Their cute appearance will definitely attract your child and it will be pleasant for a kid to stroke its smooth and shiny either apricot or silver coat. But you should remember that it is necessary to control the ration of pugs as they can easily put on weight and this may lead to heart diseases. Short nose makes these dogs be susceptible to respiratory diseases, so it’s better to steer clear of long time walking in cold weather.


This breed of a hunting dog is extremely popular with dog keepers in the USA and Japan. This charming creature has a dense coat of black, white or brown color. It will immediately become the natural family member greeting its owners with the emotional and lively bark every time they come home from work or studies. Its character is dynamic and friendly, it is always ready to play with your child and entertain him or her. What’s more, beagles are pretty easy to tame. So, be patient and persistent and you will bring up the best companion for your kid.
Whatever breed you decide to choose, first visit an organisation arranging to adopt a dog, perhaps you will be able to save life of a poor abandoned animal and at the same time grant your child with unforgettable emotions.