Off road mobility scooters offer those who are less able-bodied the ideal way to enjoy the great outdoors and indulge in a little adventure. These scooters can navigate rough terrain with ease and give the driver the chance to explore places they would otherwise have been unable to reach. This opens up a world of new opportunities and broadens horizons considerably.

Activities that were previously off limits are no longer restricted to those who are able-bodied, and by going off road, even the elderly can enjoy a wander down a country lane or along the mountainside.

Off road scooters have 3 distinctive features that make them all the more appealing. Instead of simply sticking to smooth pavements and indoor surfaces, the driver is able to reach further flung destinations and join in on hikes and other outdoor activities that may involve terrain that’s less than flat.

All wheel drive

There are some mobility scooters that are designed to run in 4 wheel drive only, and these are ideal for those who want to enjoy rugged activities on a regular basis. However, they are also expensive and mean that a person needs two scooters rather than one. Off road mobility scooters that are switchable between 2 and 4 wheel drive modes are thus a far better, and more cost effective alternative.

Just like an all wheel drive car, the driver is able to switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive at the touch of a button, and this means that both smooth and uneven surfaces are easily navigable. The scooter is completely comfortable to drive on a road, but when going off road and switched to 4×4 mode, it’s also perfectly capable of handling uneven, rocky terrain. Mud, stones, logs and gravel are not a problem in 4×4 mode, and being able to switch back to 2 wheel drive adds an extra element of comfort and flexibility.

Backed by power

An off road scooter will be equipped with larger tyres as a standard feature, and a scooter that can shift to 4×4 mode will also have a stronger motor, better torque, be more powerful and be well equipped to tackle terrain that’s challenging.

Extra power is essential in an off road mobility scooter, and although larger tyres are a great help, they are not the only factor in play. More power is needed to get over tougher terrain and 4×4 mode requires extra resources in order to work optimally.

Traction control

Going off road in a mobility scooter can be a little daunting, but with a 4×4 mode, bigger tyres, and more power behind you, it’s far less scary. With all of this in play, the scooter also has proper traction control, and this means that it grips the road, path, walkway or any other terrain it may be riding along.

Traction control also stops skidding, can cope with wet and dry surfaces and ensures a far smoother ride.

Off road mobility scooters that boast these 3 features are sure to offer the rider a better overall experience and make exploring off road areas easier, safer and far more enjoyable. The ideal option for anyone who is less able-bodied and misses the great outdoors, these scooters offer the best of both worlds.