Essay writing services have become very popular in recent years. A simple search on any search engine will deliver multiple websites providing this service. With so many websites to choose from it may become difficult to know which ones to trust. That’s why we have compiled a list of features that a good essay writing service like will offer its customers. If you find a company that offers all of these features, they are probably a good one to use. So look out for the following main features when choosing an essay writing service.

Quality of Writing
Look at the company’s ‘about us’ page to determine their philosophy and what they value. They should include content about their company history, how long they have been in the industry and also about the quality of their work and staff. If a website has good quality content you assume that their essay quality will be of similar standards.

Should Provide Samples
Another way that a good essay writing service will help you make your choice, to provide free samples of the essays that they have written. By looking at sample essays you can see if the company’s quality is of the standards you are looking for.

User Reviews
All the good essay writing companies will have reviews and testimonials of previous users. These reviews will give you an idea of service quality and customer satisfaction. If you see majority good reviews and life changing testimonials you are on the right track. On the other hand if you see a lot of negative reviews or ratings, that’s your cue to look elsewhere…

The website for the essay writing service you are looking at should reveal in how much time your essay will be completed. If it is not visible on the website, look at the order form that you will fill out to place your order. A good essay writing service will ask you to provide a time frame for your order. Some services even offer an urgent order option that can give you your essay in a few hours.

User Friendly Interface
Look for a website that has a user friendly interface. This means that you as the user clearly understand the website layout and can easily navigate it to order your essay. Ordering an essay should be quick and easy or it is not worth it.

A good essay writing service will offer its users discount prices, because they have the best interest at heart for their customers. For instance some company’s offer first time users a certain percentage discount. This makes you feel welcome and at easy with the company. There are also other types of discounts available, ask the customer support for more details.

Custom Options
Custom options to choose from when placing an order is not a must, but the extra specifications can make all the difference in the world. Custom options for your essay order might include choosing between UK and US writers or being able to request a plagiarism report for your essay.

Payment Method
A last thing to consider when deciding on which essay writing service to use is the payment method. Only use companies that use popular payment systems that you are familiar with. If they use payment methods that are so called no-name payment systems be weary as this might indicate a scam setup.

When you look for essay writing services in the future, remember to look out for these 8 features to help you choose the best service there is. Out of personal experience Scholar Advisor is a good company for essay writing and complies with all the features mentioned above.