Your wedding bell has rung and you are equally excited and nervous about your looks on your special day. Should you buy a traditional red lehenga or an offbeat mint sharara from Chandni Chowk? What kind of jewelry should you sport – gold or diamond?  And what about your hair and makeup? Amidst all these confusion, you may ignore a very vital aspect – your fitness. A fit and lean body can complement any outfit while making you look like a million bucks on the snaps clicked by your favorite Delhi wedding photographer.

Top 10 Tips For Delhi Brides To Get In Shape Without Exercising

Okay, so you exercise, err…..occasionally. But will it compensate for all the mouthwatering sweets you are devouring every now and then, courtesy the flocking relatives and neighbors? We think, ‘No.’ Hence, go through the following tips to get in shape quickly and rock your Delhi wedding:

Ditch the sugar (and salt): This pretty much means you have to excuse those sweets (and everything white for that matter). Sugars provide empty calories, so does other processed carbs like maida. Salts are responsible for water retention, resulting in bloating. Hence, restrict their consumption.

Out of sight: Vow not to buy your favorite chips and nachos till your wedding is over. Take it as a challenge. Discard the remaining unhealthy stuff at your home or keep it in a place hard to reach at least.

Fibers are your friend:  Snack on whole fruits and fresh veggies, you’ll be able to manage hunger pangs better. Try whole grains to keep you fuller. These power foods are also enriched with valuable nutrients which your body needs for flawless performance.

Pick your protein: Proteins are essential for muscle build-up where your fat gets metabolized. Choose lean meats like turkey, fish and egg whites. If you are a vegetarian, go for legumes, pulses, and soy. As compared to carbs, proteins keep you fuller for longer.

Watch your portions: Portion control, especially for fattening foods, is essential. Eat in smaller plates to get the illusion of more food. Listen to your body. Stop eating when you are full 2/3 rd. Fill the rest with water.

Slow down: Eat alone slowly and chew the food properly. You’ll aid in your digestion. Also, avoid distractions caused by electronic devices since your already occupied mind may not understand the signals sent by your body when you are full.

Water: We know you have heard it a thousand times. But the fact remains that, nothing can replace water. Period. It boosts energy, lowers bloating (really) and flushes out toxins to make your hair and skin shine.

Say no to alcohol: This is a no-brainer. Alcoholic drinks are packed with empty calories and hence need to be avoided.

Carry healthy snacks: Weddings call for extravagant shopping trips, which may require a full day sometimes. Always be ready with some fruits, crackers, and nuts in your bag. You will be less likely to end up gorging on samosas and kachoris.

Get investigated: Sometimes, it becomes difficult to lose weight because of deficiency of vital nutrients or due to hormonal imbalance. Get a check-up done and if there is any health issue, resolve it before your bid day.

The above tips may come handy in your weight-loss journey before your wedding. However, there is no alternative to exercising. Hence, put on your training shoes at least five times a week for 30 minutes each. You’ll bask in the glory of good health and your candid wedding photographers in Delhi  will thank you for that.