Top 10 Outfits That Vibe With Black This Summer


While black is a heavy color that is usually reserved for the winter months, it’s still a fashionable option during the summer season. Although you might believe that summer is reserved for soft pastels and whites, take a look at these adorable outfits and get inspired to experiment with black this summer season.

Contoured Bodycon Dress

A black, fitted dress is always a good choice for a party. Transform your formal look from winter to summer by choosing a bodycon dress with white lines or dramatic sheer contouring. Not only will your curves look amazing, but the white accents can significantly lighten the outfit. Keep your outfit even lighter with a sleeveless, wide cut neckline and an above the knee hemline.

Slitted Maxi Dress

There’s no doubt that black is a formal, somber color, but mixing it with a light fabric and sultry details give it the boost it needs to fit in with other summer clothing. Choose a flowing maxi dress with a slit to stay cool and casual. You can also modify a full length skirt with a loose knot to bring the cut up to your knees.

Flowered Romper

A semi-sheer floral piece can be just the right look this summer. Whether it’s small, white flowers or big splashes of red and orange, a black floral romper is definitely a summer look. Find a ruffled romper with a cotton inner lining and a soft overlay for a breezy cut and a balanced look. Wear your romper with a sunhat and sandals to complete an ensemble that will turn heads this summer.

Open Back Jumpsuit

While this is an all-black piece, it can still have a summery vibe with an open back and cropped pants. Keep this jumpsuit outfit cool with spaghetti straps and a fitted capri cut. V-neck necklines, sleeveless cuts, and midriff exposure are all great options to make your jumpsuit even cooler.

Sleeveless Chiffon Top

Your choice of material is often more important that your choice of color, as even a black top made of chiffon is a cooler option than a white top made of wool. Crisp tailoring and an interesting neckline makes a black top summer appropriate. Keep your fabrics light with cotton, linen, rayon, and silk.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are essential summer outfits, no matter their color. You can pair them with shorts for hot days at the beach or wear them with high-waisted skirts or wide-legged pants for a sleek, all-black ensemble suitable for outdoor formal events. Accessories also add a flirty element to many black tops. White lace details or strappy backs have a seasonal aspect that make them perfect for the heat.

Wide Pants

Wide pants come with flowing silhouettes and light fabrics—even black can’t make this look wrong for the summer! With a lightweight tank or a crop top, you can emphasize your sultry side. Pants made of chiffon are especially appropriate, as they create an almost sheer silhouette that will keep you cool even on the hottest days.

Lace Shirt

Don’t choose a shirt with lace detailing; instead, opt for a black shirt made entirely of lace. With a black bandeau, you’ll stay cool and airy. While lace shirts can be sleeveless, long sleeve, or anything in between, they’re versatile enough to wear with any style of outfit.

A similar choice to lace includes a top that’s made of mostly fringe. Fringe is easy to make on your own, so there’s no need to buy an expensive top. Grab a simple black top, like those from District Clothing, and cut it up along the bottom. The dangling strips of fabric expose your skin to the breeze, cooling you down and making you look stylish.

Cover Ups

A summer cover up doesn’t have to be a bright color. Let your swimsuit shine through by layering with a gauzy, black dress. A cover up also allows you to wear your bathing suit, even if you’re not at the pool or the beach. The less clothing you wear the better during the summer heat wave.

Polka Dots

Polka dot have been a classic summer choice since the 1920s, and the most popular polka dot colors have always been black and white. Whether you choose black on white dots or white on black dots, let this look whisk you away. Enhance your polka dot outfit with red lipstick and accessories for a truly vintage look.

Wear What You Want

Regardless of the season, the trends, or the temperature, what you wear is your choice. Don’t let yourself be pressured into wearing something you don’t absolutely love. If black is your favorite color, wear it whenever—even during the summer. However, pulling inspiration with these outfits, prove to everyone else wearing pastel clothes that black can make timelessly chic summer outfits, regardless of the hot weather.

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