Top 10 Food Items Liked By Everyone Universally

Top 10 Food Items Liked By Everyone Universally

Foodies are present almost all over the world, there are a number of food items that are generally served at every corner of the world. Through the means of this blog, we will talk about the top 7 food items that are served in different parts of the world irrespective of their origin and choice of ingredients.


Pizza is an italian food item which is consumed by almost every individual throughout the world. It is due to the unusual recipe, taste and aroma that a pizza is adored by a great majority of individuals in the world. Also, pizza is the favourite food item of all the cheese lovers, as pizzas generally consist of different varieties of cheese.


Noodle is the chinese food item but is consumed in a number of parts of the world. Noodles are considered to be a healthy, due to the fact that it contains different types of vegetables, including cabbage, capsicum, tomatoes etc.


This mexican dish hasn’t taken over the world yet, but is approaching slowly towards the same. Tacos are prepared by using tortillas that are generally folded or are rolled around a certain amount of filling. The filling present within a taco can preferably be chicken, pork vegetables, seafood or much more.


Pasta is yet another italian food item, appreciated by all italian and non-italian individuals. A pasta can be of different types depending upon the shape, type and method of preparation. Pastas are either long, short or flattened in their structure.

Gelato Ice creams

Ice creams are the type of dessert which none can deny to have. Gelato is the word given to ice creams in Italian language. Although, ice creams and gelatos are both prepared from the same ingredients and using the same procedure, the taste differs in both cases. The major difference between the same is that the gelatos are prepared from natural ingredients without any synthetic material.


A hamburger is typically, the sandwich which makes use of buns instead of bread. The sandwich consists of a patty made from different types of ingredients, which can either be vegetarian or can be non-vegetarian, depending upon the choice of the person consuming it. A hamburger needs not always consist of ham but the ingredient can vary.

French Fries

As the name suggests, french fries were found in France for the first time. These are fries prepared by cutting potato into fine elongated shapes and then frying them following that. French fries are usually the type of dish that goes along with every type of food item as a side dish. They are deep fried and are considered to be one of the most tasty food item in the world.

Food items connect different parts of the world globally through the taste and the aroma of the food. Mentioned in the above section are some of the majorly popular type of food items that almost every person should know about.

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