Tired of your big boobs? Many people think that having big boobs is a great blessing, but those individuals who have big boobs are the only ones who understand how hard things can be when you have them. Because of this, many big chested women are trying to find a way to solve this massive problem of theirs.

If you wish to put an end to the big boob problem that you are suffering from, a breast reduction surgery may be the perfect option for you. But before you decide to go this route, there are a few facts about this procedure that you wish to know. Here are some of them.

1. It May Not Be Entirely Covered By Your Insurance

If you think that the solution for your big boob problem is cheap and affordable, think again. According to plastic surgeons, the average cost of this type of surgery is about $7,500. For sure, you will think that it’s no big deal since your insurance will cover it.

For your information, that’s not always the case. This seemingly simple surgery requires plenty of minor surgery, some of which will not be covered by your insurance company so you may have to save hard-earned money to avail those.

2. You May Need To Lose Weight For The Procedure

Breast reduction surgery is a lot more complicated and demanding than you think. If you are a bit on the heavy side and you have excess fats, the surgeon may require you to lose some weight first before you can qualify for the surgery.

3. There Will Be Scarring

And here comes the scary part that no one wants to talk about. Since it is an invasive procedure, there is no way that you can get away with undergoing it without any scars. The scarring will be most prominent in the area surrounding the areola but will fade away over time.

4. There Are Some Risks Involved

Just like any operation, breast reduction surgery comes with risks. Some of these risks may include pain, breast asymmetry, slow healing of wound, infection, nerve damage, blood clots, and temporary inability to breastfeed.

5. Other Procedures May Be Required

To get the perfect shape or size, some minor surgeries like underarm shaping and contour work. But please bear in mind that these minor operations fall under cosmetic classification so the insurance company may not cover it.

6. The Doctor Won’t Be Talking Based On Cup Size

During the consultation, you may be a bit confused because the surgeon will not be referring to the breast size in terms of cup size. This is because the cup sizes may differ from one brand to another. Instead, the surgeon will be talking about breast size in terms of grams of breast tissue. To avoid confusion, keep in mind that there are 454 g of breast tissue in one pound.

7. The First Few Days Post-Operation Can Be Quite Difficult

Many people will tell you that it is not that painful, but of course, the surgery involves pain to some extent. For the first few days, you will experience a sense of discomfort, pain, and soreness.

8. Your Breasts May Need Time To Settle

You cannot expect your breasts to be as perky as they are pre-operation. Just like any other organ in the body, the breasts may require some time to recover so the skin may sag a bit for a while.

9. Breast Reduction Can Be Done On Men Too

If you think women are the only one experiencing big boob problem, think again. There is a condition called gynecomastia or the enlarged breasts in men. It may come as a result of hormonal imbalance, diet, weight gain or medication. This condition is not painful for men but it may make them feel less masculine, so many opt to have it surgically removed.

10. Achieving Your Desired Size May Take Some Time

How big your breasts are and how they look will undergo continuous change during the recovery phase. This is because the swelling may take some time before they completely diminish. Because of this, you may want to wait for the swelling to subside and for your breasts to fully recover before you buy a new set of lingerie.

It is important that you thoroughly do your research before you undergo such a major surgery. Yes, this may be the easiest and best solution for your big boob problems, but please bear in mind that it is an invasive surgery and it comes with a few risks that you should be familiar with so you can make the right decision.