It is very important to have properly functioning sewer system in a house for safety and hygiene. Toilets are the most important places, where proper functioning pipe lines are a necessity. Any problem like blockage or leaks in your toilet can disturb your life majorly. Hygiene is the main concern, but in addition to that you will face many other problems.

If you are experiencing leaks in your toilet, then the first thing that you should do is to find the cause for the problem. The most common reason of toilet leakage is due to tank condensation. It is because of the temperature of the water inside the tank and the hotness of the atmosphere outside the tank in the bathroom. Here are some possible reasons for the leakage in your toilet:-

  • Water leakage from inside the toilet tank –

First, you should check for water condensation in your water tank. If that is not the cause for water leakage, then the second possibility you should look for is leakage from the tank. It is very easy to check for this problem. All you have to do is remove the tank lid carefully and then add organic based coloring into the water inside the tank.

Wait for a while so that the water inside the tank changes color. Let the colored water in the stagnant mode for few minutes. If you see any colored water on the floor or on the surface of the tank, then you can be sure that the water is leaking from your water tank.

  • The location of the leak –

Now that you know that water is leaking from your tank, the next step is to find the location of the leak. Most commonly the leaks are found either in between the tank and the bowl or through the cracks in the tank. Leakage in between the tank and the bowl can easily be identified with the colored water test.

Once you flush the colored water, you can find the leak in between the tank and the bowl. This can be easily repaired with the help of water sealing material. If you find any crack in your tank, then there is no permanent repair for it. It is recommended to change the tank, by installing a new set if pipeline connection.

  • Leakage in supply line –

If you do not find any leakage with the above mentioned techniques, then the next step is to look for the leakage from the nuts on the supply line endings. You can replace the supply washers to fix the problem, only if it is a minor issue. If you are not able fix the problem by yourself, then you should consider calling a professional.

  • Water coming out of some other place in the bathroom –

Very rarely you might experience leakage from any other place in your bathroom. If you do experience leakage, then you can fix the problem by yourself by simple procedures. However, hiring a professional plumber will make your work easier, since they will know the right place to look for the root of the problem.

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