Viewers can get really creative when they have to watch the latest episode of their favorite serial. This is especially true if there is a full season release, then, instead of waiting for it to be aired on TV, they prefer streaming. By installing a Bit Torrent client on your device and having a good broadband connection (along with some finger food, yummy popcorn, a cozy couch and friends by your side) you are all set to party in the weekend. All that you need to know is how to stream torrent.

Tired Of Browser Plugins: Learn How To Stream Torrents On The cloud

Browser Plugin is a Drain on Battery and CPU

It’s important to know how to stream a torrent so that you are not caught streaming unauthorized stuff. It is equally essential to ensure that you are using the right torrenting solution so that you are safeguarded from the underlying nuances. Some viewers, while downloading a client, resort to Torrents-Time, which is a browser plugin that has the ability to stream torrents. This plugin is supported by Chrome, Firefox and the good old, Internet Explorer.

The steps are simple: Install Torrents-Time, go to the link of the Pirate Bay torrent page and then start streaming. There is no need to download. As users have reported, the simplicity comes with its own woes. The plugin, while it runs the client in the background, is a drain on the CPU and battery life. Being in Beta quality it leaves many quality holes unplugged. Casing point being illegal streaming or downloads taking place on your IP address through this solution. These security flaws ought not to be compromised.

Use Cloud Based Solution

The good news is that this is not the only quick, smart way in which you can know how to stream a torrent. There are zillions of other ways to do it too. The popular one on the block is Cloudload, which creates a private space for the subscriber on the cloud. No issues of downloading whatsoever. Just search for your files across the web and add to your Cloudload account. Torrents streaming works wonders with speeds up to 24Gbps on this portal.

Attractive features

Cloudload is a cloud based solution for Torrent streaming. It is supported on all devices and OS, thereby making it extremely portable and usable for mobiles, laptops, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, desktops, Chromecast, Plex, Apple AirPlay, TV (Television), smart phones, Mac, PC and many more. It is safe since it has virus scanners and ad blockers. Additionally, since files are stored on the cloud itself, the user’s disk should not be virus infected or loaded with files. By streaming torrents quickly, users are very happy to watch movies, hear audio file, and play games using Cloudload.

Here, the two most attractive features are:

  • Free 7 day trial for trying out the solution.
  • Use the Cloudload space allocated to upload, store and share files with friends and family.

There are host of happy customers who have recommended Cloudload. Go ahead, subscribe today. Visit