When it comes to taking winter or summer holidays, many of us are keen to head somewhere that is hot, attractive, relaxing, and fun. For those who are planning to head to a hot destination for their holiday, it is important to be well prepared. One of the vital things that you need to prepare yourself for is the increased risk of exposure to the sun, which can have a seriously damaging effect if precautions are not taken. Although relaxing and basking in the sun can be extremely soothing you also need to bear in mind the potential dangers of exposure to the sun’s UV rays. By making sure you use the proper precautions while you are sunning yourself in pastures, you can enjoy spending time soaking up the sunshine but without risking your health. Simple steps and methods can help to provide the protection you need when exposed to the sun.

Key Tips on Protection your Skin from the Sun

The effects of exposure to the sun’s potentially harmful rays can be serious, long-lasting and in some cases could even prove fatal. This is why it is so important to be prepared when you are going on holiday to a hot destination. Remember, this is even more important for vulnerable travelers such as the elderly or very young children – in cases such as this extra protection should be put into place to reduce the risks. Some of the tips that can help when it comes to protection against the sun include:

Use sun-screen or sun-block: In order to reduce the chances of the sun’s rays penetrating your skin, you need to use a barrier in the form of sun-screen or sun-block. These products can prove invaluable in terms of providing you with the protection necessary. You will find creams and lotions that offer different levels of protection so you can find the perfect one for you. This includes high factor protection for children or those who are very sensitive to the sun. Beauty product specialist retailer Cult Beauty offer great deals on sun-protection and you will even be able to get further discounts by visiting to online discount site www.hotuksavings.co.uk.

Take some after-sun: Even if you are using sun-block or sun-screen, there is a chance that you may still suffer some burns from the sun. This could be due to your protection wearing away over the course of the day – this is why you need to reapply regularly as advised on the bottle. It could also be down to being washed off after a dip in the pool – again you should make sure you reapply if this happens. However, if you do get burnt you need to apply a good after-sun to relieve the burning and discomfort and to help promote healing.

Wear protective gear: You need to make sure you wear protective gear when you are spending lengthy periods outdoors in the sunshine, as this will also have a significant impact on protection levels. Remember, it is not just your skin that is at risk but also your scalp, head, eyes and other areas of the body. You should take along some high quality sunglasses with proper UV protection to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun. Also, invest in a hat to protect not only your head but also provide some additional shade for your face.

Time it right: The rays of the sun are more dangerous and penetrative at certain times of the day compared to others. This is why you should try and think about the best times to go out and about in hot destinations. Try and avoid the midday sun, as this is when it is at its most harsh. Instead try to head out early on or later in the afternoon. Also, if you are sitting around the pool in the sunshine try and limit the amount of time you are outside. If you do intend to stay out for a while make sure you get a sunbed or chair that has a parasol so that you can benefit from some shade.

It is also important to remember little details such as staying hydrated when you are spending time in the heat. Make sure you drink plenty of fresh water when you are there, as this will help to keep your skin and your body hydrated. Remember, you will be perspiring a lot and if you drink alcohol you will find yourself getting even more dehydrated, which is why topping up your fluid levels with water is vital.