Preparing for the civil services is not an easy task. It requires hard work and a good amount of time investment. Since there is no prescribed portion for giving the papers, candidates have to rely on a huge study material provided by coaching classes. But since there a huge number of coaching classes it is difficult to know which one would be the best to start the coaching with.

IAS exam study material can be obtained from coaching classes. Since civil service examinations are considered to be at the epitome of the examination charts in India, it is important that you have a definite strategy planned to study and prepare for the papers. Read the following points to make a good strategy so that you are prepared to crack the papers and get the most preferred and elite standard jobs in the country.

Tips To Prepare For Civil Service Examinations

Pick an optional subject

It is generally confusing for candidates to pick an optional subject. It is important to pick an optional subject you are comfortable with. Go through the list of subjects provided on the official website of the UPSC and see if your subject is listed. Once you check and confirm the list the next step would be to pick a subject which has a close association with your graduation subject. For example, if you have studied Political Science, then your second optional subject could be Political science itself or Public administration.

Narrow down your study material

The study material is usually an issue with majority of the candidates. Since there are no prescribed authors as such for the exams, you have to rely on all the material you can get your hands on. Choose to study the material prepared by experiences institutes as its coverage is exhaustive with focus on the exam. Visit the websites of top coaching institutes for the books for CSAT and General Studies material.

Allot study time

If you want to prepare perfectly for civil services then you need to start at least a year in advance. This way you will be able to allot specific time period for specific subjects. You can allot certain months to prepare for the Prelims & Mains and then certain months Civil Services mains test series. This way you can cover up maximum material and also keep time for revision.

Go through previous years question papers

Going through the previous question papers can help you to understand the type of questions which are asked in the exams. This can help you to direct your studies in the appropriate angle. The question papers are available on the official website of the examinations and you can download them from the website.

These are a few tips which will definitely come into use when you are preparing for the civil service examinations. When it comes to getting appropriate study material, you can rely on Vajiram and Ravi. The institute has got a lot of credibility when it comes to preparing candidates for the civil service. The institute is known for providing its candidates with a good study material through classroom and distance learning courses. The institute also prepares its candidates for the interview programme.

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