Tips To Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Tips To Maintain Your Wooden Fence

Wooden fence has a number of benefits including the safety of kids and pets, adding sophistication to your home, keeps privacy and so many more. But as your home requires a wooden fence, it also requires care and maintenance post installation. Here are some important tips to consider for giving a proper care –

1. Make sure you buy the right wooden fence – It is very important to start right in order to end it right. If you are on a wooden fence shopping spree, ensure that you purchase the right material such as little rock wood fence. If we consider the wood material that decays the slowest and offers incredible resistance to decay, then cedar and redwood top the list. It is also essential to check that while the installation is ongoing, the professionals are using the wood that has been pressure-treated. This is done to offer resistance to the damage caused by the water or bugs.

2.Apply sealant – Are you applying sealant to your wooden fence? If not, it is time to start doing it already. Sealant repelling water and preserving the wood of the wooden fence from decay. It is very much similar to the wax that functions as a car protector. The wood fence treatment can primarily help in preventing it from drying it out or causing cracks. In case you are not painting your fence, you can apply sealant to it, once in a year.

In case you are painting the wooden fence, you can repeat the process in every 3-5 years to make it look nicer and strengthened. One of the best methods to keep your wooden fence intact is by pre-staining the material.

3Are you avoiding water? – To enhance the lifetime of your wood fence, it is essential to resist the water contact as much as possible. Though you might not be able to take measures during the rainy season, but you can always avoid the contact of water via sprinklers. Sprinklers that are too close to the wood fence can easily wet it, resulting in offering the perfect environment to decay. Keep the sprinklers far enough to avoid the contact of wood with water.

4.Have you seen the fence posts? – If not, it is time you had seen. Fence posts cause the moisture of soil to reach your wood fence, causing it to decay. Make sure that the posts are located far enough to discourage the contact of soil and wood, leading to structural impacts.

5.You may need to act immediately – If you know that your fence has started to decay, it is essential to take necessary actions immediately. If, any individual panel is decaying, the contractor can always replace it with the new one. This particular situation will especially arise in cases of rotting, wear and tear, and splitting. Ensure that your little rock wood fence receives timely treatment and care to avoid further decaying and decaying penetrating into the other panels.Follow these tips to ensure the long life of wooden fence.

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