Tips to Live by When Dating A Single Mother

Tips to Live by When Dating A Single Mother

When you are dating, you are going to find yourself in several unique types of relationships. Each of these are different and require a different level of care and understanding. Something many men face today is that they are dating single mothers who have children at home. The dynamics of this dating relationship is a bit different compared to dating a woman without kids. There are a few tips you should follow if in this situation.

Let her be a woman and not just a mother. Many single moms can become a bit frustrated when all conversations focus around her being a mother or her motherly duties. While talking about her kids from time to time is nice, don’t make a point of it dominating every conversation. She wants a man to get to know her as a person first and foremost.

You have to learn to be understanding. At any moment in a time one of her children might get sick and your plans will have to change. This doesn’t happen all the time, but don’t make these situations effect the dating relationship that you have with her. Be supportive and understanding as she will feel guilty about canceling the date that she really would rather be going on.

Avoid father talk. You might want to understand the past relationships, what type of father he is, and all those details. Let her open up about it. Don’t let it become a situation where the father is bashed either.

As time goes on have inclusive dates. These would be opportunities that her child or children could also be included. She might decline but will generally like the idea that you were trying to be inclusive of her children.

Have backup plans. When things change due to children’s schedules, have a back up plan with her. This lets her feel that she has options and doesn’t have to choose between being a good mom and dating.

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