Do you wake up in a grumpy mood every morning? Do you live life like a zombie? Are you merely repeating the same routine every day? Do you realise that with each passing day, the quality of your life decreases because you will have less energy, deteriorating health and less passion of living.

After a point, even sane minded people start feeling frustrated. This occurs mainly because individuals are clueless about the direction in which their lives are moving. At this juncture, it becomes difficult to cope up with complicated situations.

Honestly, you can enjoy life to the fullest and you don’t have to go through this frustration. You can enhance quality of your life by making minor adjustments in your routines. You also need to bring certain change in your behaviour and perception.

Remember, everyone goes through this phase in their life but the main difference is the approach of individuals as to how they deal with it. The first thing which you need to determine is your own definition of ‘quality of life.’ This is necessary because this definition differs from person to person.

One can say it is a total of happiness, income, health and leisure. This is a basic formula of quality life, but the proportion of the variables may vary in every individual’s life.

Tips To Help You Lead A Quality Life In The Lead Up To Your Retirement

Listed below are four main aspects which you must consider to lead quality life until retirement:

Happiness Habits

A happy person is content and enjoys every moment of their life. Here’s some simple ways to stay happy:

  • Spread Love and Connect:

Although, this may sound like some cliché novel remark but that’s the truth. Spreading love and connecting with individuals can make you happy. Giving a tight hug to your loved one can also make you happy. Expressing your love and kindness will multiply your happiness.

  • Smile:

Smiling can be considered as a stress-reliever as it has an effect on your mind. A genuine smile can help you lower heart rates. Playing with an infant or kid are the simplest ways to smile.

  • New Learning:

Learning something new every day can be a good source of happiness as it distracts your mind. Moreover, you indulge in a new activity and are engrossed in learning it which makes you happy. Besides, it helps you to get exposed to varied new activities.

Health Habits

Your health habits have an impact on your mind and body. This means that if you have poor health it is likely to affect your thoughts and physical capabilities.

Following habits will help you to maintain your health on a daily basis:

  • Breakfast:

Breakfast is the very first meal of your day and it has been observed that many individuals have a habit of skipping breakfast. People who have a habit of missing their breakfast are more prone to Type II Diabetes. Contrary to this, if you eat proper breakfast daily, you are likely to have better memory and reduce the amount of bad cholesterol.

  • Vitamins and Minerals:

Your body needs a specific amount of vitamins and minerals according to your lifestyle. Vitamins and minerals help your body to carry out necessary body and mind functions. Consuming lot of junk food can reduce the proportion of these nutrients in your body.

  • Secret of 10,000 Steps:

Maybe, you are not a gym freak and do not like to hit the gym regularly. In such a case, all you need to do is walk 10,000 steps every day. Walking 10,000 steps have quite a lot of health benefits. Weight loss and minimises risk of diabetes and heart disease are the main effects of this walk.

A simple way to incorporate this in your routine is that instead of driving you can walk wherever possible.

  • Water is Life:

We cannot neglect the scientific truth that water is one essential element for our body. Water also provides our body with several benefits. Our heart, brain and lungs need maximum amount of water in the body. It has been noticed that individuals resort to coffee, sweet sodas and other artificial flavoured drinks.

Ideally, men must drink at least 3 litres or 13 cups of water and women must drink 2.2 litres or 9 cups of water.

  • Income Habits:

Irrespective of whether you earn thousand or million pounds today, it is important that your income helps you to attain your goals. Listed below are simple income habits which give you liberty to maintain your current quality of life:

  • SMART Goals:

SMART here represents smart, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals. Prepare a plan that brings you nearer to your goal. It is wise to strike a balance of short-term and long-term goals. It is equally important to et your priorities right.

  • Save Income:

Preparing a strict schedule to save money in early twenties is a smart choice. One should aim to save at least 20% of their income. The main benefit of saving is that you have additional funds in case of emergency and also fulfil your dreams.

Gain sufficient knowledge about finance and invest in beneficial policies. This is important so that you don’t get eloped in policies which do not work for you. For instance, several working employees were mis-sold PPI policy which actually is of no-use to them. Years later they realised this fact and are applying for a PPI reclaim.

In case, you do not have sufficient knowledge about the process you can always get in touch with the experts.

  • Track your Financial Habits:

You are likely to spend a major part of your income on household expenses, education, travelling, etc. But, it is equally important to know your spending potential and note if you are going over-board.

This will help you to manage your finances before you run into debts. You can limit your expenses by opting for more affordable options.

Leisure Habits:

Leisure gives you a rejuvenating feeling from your mundane life. It is rightly said that, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ likewise, you need break at frequent intervals.

It is not only your mind but also your body which needs time-out from your regular chores. Discussed below are some of leisure habits which you can adopt:

  • De-clutter:

In your busy schedule, you probably don’t have the time to clean your home. But, you can surely do this when you have some free-time and get it organised. As a matter of fact, this can also give a new dimension to your life. Your perception with respect to certain aspects may get changed through this.

  • Contribute:

Your contributions to family, friends or any social cause are some things which you can indulge in your leisure time. It is not necessary that you need to contribute in monetary terms but your physical presence can be an effective contribution.

  • Get Rid of your Fear:

Often, we avoid thinking or expressing about our fears. In fact, we blame our busy schedule and avoid activities which involve our fears.

Well, firstly, one needs to change procrastinate attitude as it avoids you to pull off things which you possibly can. Overcoming fear is not less than a challenge and therefore, you need to put some additional efforts. Do not hesitate to take this plunge and strive hard to conquer your fears.

There is possibility that you may not succeed in the very first time you try but eventually you will so do not give up.

As every individual is different, their preferences and desires vary. Similarly, you may use a different combination of the above-mentioned habits unlike any other individual.

But, the priority is that you adopt a quality life until you retire and even after retiring as you can implement most of these habits throughout your life.