Don’t you ever wish that cleaning vomit off of your carpet could be done in one fell swoop? Unfortunately, that’s not possible. To this day, it still remains as one of the disadvantages of having carpeted floors, and cleaning vomit is easily the most unpopular task there is. The only way is to deal with it as quick as possible by using the best approach and a little help from trusted cleaning solutions and chemicals. Here are some key tips on how to clean up vomit off of your carpet.

  • Minimize the mess.

Remove as much vomit as possible. This will make you evaluate how much work is needed with regards to the carpet stains caused by it. Use anything that can scrape the vomit off the carpet such as a dustpan or even a spoon for small nuggets and chunks.

  • Dry the marked area.

Tips to Cleaning Up the Vomit on Your CarpetUse paper towels, old cloths or rags to blot the stained portion and absorb the wetness of the damp area. Speed up the parching by applying powdered products such as baking soda, flour, corn starch or even powder detergents.

  • Vacuum the powdered stuff away.

After leaving a couple of minutes to dry them up, it’s now time for you to vacuum those tiny remnants away from your carpet.

  • Deal with the odor.

You must note that sometimes you still can smell the vomit even if you no longer find any mark or stain on the carpet. Vomit smell can be really strong and can cause a little nudge of irritation and discomfort to people. For this, your safest bet is an enzyme-based cleaning solution. Remember to protect your skin from direct exposure to some of these chemicals so you might want to use protective gloves while using a piece of cloth or old rag to apply the solution on the carpet.

  • Finish the stain off.

After applying an enzyme-based chemical, some of the stains have probably gone lighter already. The simplest process is to apply the solution moderately. This is to make sure that your carpet won’t be damaged in case of really strong cleaning chemicals. A pail of water should also be present nearby as you finish cleaning your carpet.

  • Let it be air dried.

Most types of materials used for carpet will naturally produce foul odor if not dried completely. So, make sure that it was dried properly before you leave your carpeted floor open for your soles to enjoy.

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Written by Eric Sappington, owner of Sappington’s Carpet Care, the leading company for carpet cleaning in Columbia, MO.

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