Tips On How To Get Started Coin Collecting

There are a lot of places to find new coins to add to your coin collection; antique shops, online auctions, and trading with fellow collectors are just a few.  In addition to these options, there are quite a few coin collectors that now utilize metal detectors in order to improve their collections.  To discuss just how metal detectors can improve coin collections, as well as to share some tips so we can all get in on the fun is Daniel Bernzweig of Detector Electronics Corp.

How to get started – growing your coin collection

Metal detectors find a lot of different types of treasures, but coins are some of the most common.  It’s not surprising when you think about it.  Coins are easily lost, have been used throughout history, and, they’re made of metal so they’re easy for metal detectors to find.  In fact, I’ve found so many coins since I began metal detecting as a child that metal detecting actually led me to coin collecting!

What tools do you need to get started?

Using a metal detector to enhance your coin collection is not only easy though, it also allows you to be the first to see the coin again since it made it’s way underground.  I can’t put into words how exciting this is.  And, not only that, the coin itself becomes more meaningful because you got to see where it was the last time it saw the light of day.  While previous owners can share details of where the coin was found when you buy it, that will never be the same as actually being there yourself.

What features are important to coin collectors?

To start finding your own coin collection, you’ll need a metal detector designed with a good target identification system to help you differentiate more clearly between trash and treasures.  Depending on your preference you can find models with audio and/or visual target ID systems.  A metal detector with manual ground balance controls can be helpful in heavily mineralized ground conditions, like in and around salt water for example.

A pinpointing feature can be of great assistance when coin shooting as well in order to make zeroing in on your target more precise.  From here the weight of the machine, it’s additional features, and, of course, price will help you determine which specific make and model of metal detector will be best for your coin hunting adventures.

Where to begin?

Once you’ve got your metal detector, head outside and take a look around your backyard. You never know what you might find!  Some of the latest metal detector models can even show a visual image analysis of the target in the ground before you dig. If you don’t know the property owner where you’d like to go coin shooting, be sure to get permission first.

And, as metal detectorists, we like to leave the area in the same condition we found it.  No trash left behind (even the stuff we dig up), we fill in our holes, and we don’t cut branches or trees or otherwise disturb the land.  Otherwise, enjoy yourself!

Remember, searching for coins is so much fun. You never know what you might find – maybe even the rarest coin you’ve ever seen.


About the author: Daniel Bernzweig manages in Southborough, MA. He has written on the subject of treasure hunting and metal detecting since the mid 1980’s. He enjoys traveling with his metal detector and helping to educate others in the correct use of metal detectors in their explorations.

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