When we see pictures of bathrooms in decorating magazines, we always see super wide spaces where the furniture and accessories look perfect. Still, if you are not lucky enough to have many square meters of space in your bathroom and want ideas for decorating a small bathroom, there are still series of guidelines to consider in order for your small bathroom to look functional, cozy and exactly like in a design magazine.

Tips On Decorating A Small Bathroom

Perfect Organization

The first step is to create a neat bathroom. If you do not have much room it is best to keep order without products in sight. For this you can turn to wicker baskets, which can be found in different colors and styles. The format storage drawers are much more comfortable and easier to order. By simple opening of the drawer you can see all the products without any effort. When organizing drawers or cabinet space, accessories like boxes or glass jars will be essential. Also, in this way bathroom will be easier to clean, you will have everything at hand and the space can be aesthetically beautiful if you try to maintain the same style.

The Bigger the Mirror the Better

If the dimensions are very small, in addition to the low sink cabinet, you would need other resources such as carts, cases, shelves above the toilet, etc. Mirrors are the essential complement in the bathroom. Not only is it there to provide reflection, but also to enhance the light and achieve a greater sense of space. Therefore, try large and unframed mirror formats.

The Importance of Lighting

On the topic of lighting, the more natural light there is, the larger your bathroom will look. So if you are lucky enough to have a window, use light from outside to the fullest. If you opt for artificial light, the halogens are an excellent choice because they offer a very clean bright light. Ideally placed sconces on the wall in front of the mirror can help avoid shadows.

Tips On Decorating A Small BathroomMatch Your Textiles

When it comes to the textile section, it is essential to look for soft colors. For example, there are fashionable towels that would give a refreshing look to any bathroom. At this point it is best to coordinate towel by the sink with shower and bath mat.

Minimalistic Approach to Shower and Bathtubs

The area of the shower or bathtub is often conflicting. You need to orderly place the gel, shampoo, moisturizer, hair mask and so on. The options range from shelves, baskets or buckets of brass for a vintage touch. The screens can help to create more space if you choose transparent ones. In this way, you will not cut the space visually.

Clean Walls and Relaxing Details

When you are doing some bathroom renovations choose a coating in soft colors without much contrast. If you like the white color this might be the best choice for achieving a sense of spaciousness.  Although you do not have much space, you must not give up on the idea of personalizing the bathroom with decorative paper, films, photographs, old bottles of cologne, fresh flowers, etc.

Tips On Decorating A Small Bathroom

Bathrooms often have very few square meters and dim light. These two problems should not stop your imagination when decorating the bathroom and you should definitely try to get the most out of it. The new trends point to a practical decor to help people disconnect from daily routine and provide a few minutes of perfect relaxation. This concept of a ‘spa’ bath with decorative details such as sophisticated furniture and accessories is getting more and more popular and plays an important role in the comfort of the whole home.