Holidays are the best seasons to spend time with family and friends. Christmas is the longest holiday you can get to celebrate with your family. The décor, the festive mood and most importantly the gifts and decoration is something that we all look forward to. Every element before the day of Christmas could be perfect, if you keep a few things in mind.

Tips On Buying A Fresh Christmas Tree To Enhance Your Home Décor

Things to keep in mind when buying a new tree for Christmas

  • Check the weight and size of the tree
  • See if it fits into the setting and dimension of your home
  • Drop it few inches from the ground to see if the leaves drop from the tree
  • Get a freshly cut tree for Christmas
  • Trees sold at premium rate are bushier
  • Nordman fir is the kind of tree that is of best quality
  • Always buy from a retailer, who grows them locally

Some More Points to Keep in Mind while Buying the Tree

Buy a real Christmas tree and do not go for the DIY variety. A Christmas tree must look full and should not have drops of needles from the bark. A few artificial trees come with LEDs decorated on them. This could also be a good option to buy if you like. If you do not want to spend more time on decoration, you can buy readymade and artificial tree. If you go by the traditions, the noon on the day of the Christmas Eve is ideal to put up the tree. When the month of December arrives, you can start decorating this tree and you don’t have to wait until second Saturday or one day before the festival.

Different Beliefs in Britain

Most of the British people think that the tree should be purchased only after December 1st, not before that. Christmas décor works differently in different parts of English speaking countries. Britain also has a tree growers association that comes up with suggestions for buying and decorating the tree. Always shake the tree to see if it has falling leaves before buying. Avoid buying a tree that has dried up leaves and withered branches. Always buy heavy trees.

How to Care for the Tree

Keep the tree outdoors, in water for a few days before getting it indoors. It must be kept in a cool and a shady place outside the home for a day or two before getting it inside. Buy a tree few days before the festival, so it can look lush with decoration. You can put this tree in a bucket of water that has pebbles, shreds of paper, and must be kept away from direct sunlight or heat.


Buying this tree is a crucial decision for the festival. A lush looking tree adds happiness to the occasion. Most of them prefer manmade trees due to lack of time to buy the best looking real tree. This is also a good and an affordable option.

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