Land Rover always maintains its reputation as the second oldest four-wheeler vehicle manufacturer which combines latest technology and classy design. The superiority of the vehicle justifies the high cost. A priced possession of its owner this car requires proper maintenance to keep up its performance for the longest period possible.

Tips For Proper Land Rover Maintenance

A Land Rover undoubtedly is among the few vehicles that is worth every penny paid for. However, there is a common misconception that the maintenance of the vehicle is quite expensive. On the other hand, the fact remains that good care and regular maintenance will ensure that your car maintenance cost remains low and your car runs efficiently for a longer period of time. Below mentioned are a few maintenance tips that will help you in taking better care of your precious Land Rover.

Maintenance Tips:

  1. Frequent tune ups : One of the best things about regular tune ups is that you would be minimizing the chance of any major problems. The more consistently you follow the time intervals for tune up, performance of your vehicle will be maintained. There is no need to rely on the mileage to know when the tune up is needed. The next thing to keep in mind is the service station. For obvious reasons it is always recommended that you take your vehicle only to an authorized service centre. The qualified and trained professionals there know the vehicle and its makes inside out and are in the best position to offer you the right tune up services.
  2. Know your road : Even though the Land Rover is built specially for rough roads and almost all terrains, it is wise to know the roads you are travelling on. When on very rough roads, the driver should avoid changing gears frequently. Extra caution is required when driving on wet surfaces. For the best performance, one needs to take the road condition also into consideration.
  3. Select the Steering Components Wisely : When you get the steering components for your vehicle, be careful in what you choose. It would be advisable to buy the parts from a trusted seller. These components need to be checked very frequently.
  4. Cleaning your SUV : This point is as important as any other mentioned above. As you would be using the Land Rover on rough and dirty roads, cleaning becomes essential. When on such roads, the wheels are exposed to different corrosive elements like sand. This would lead to the heavy wear and tear of the external parts of the wheels and also cause it to brittle. You cannot clean the wheels with any available cleaners. Experts would suggest acid-free cleaners. Mild detergents would also do the job. Do not limit the cleaning to the wheels, but, every part of the car needs to be free of dust and dirt if you want it to perform at its best.
  5. Follow the towing limits : Make sure that you do not exceed the weight mentioned by the manufacturer. While loading the trailer, more weight should be concentrated on the front than the back. The rear tow hitch needs to be adjusted properly.

Most of the Land Rovers have been equipped with service indicator which would remind the user about the next maintenance date. However, the indicator would notify you earlier than usual if the usage is heavy and more than average. For maintaining its ultimate performance, regular oil check ups and using proper engine, break and gear oil is very important. Most of the times, the LR-V8 engine is used. Thus, the synthetic oil would be the best option to be used in your vehicle.

The best you can make from your four-wheeler drive requires the right approach of maintaining it. Tips that are provided above would serve your purpose of extending the durability of your vehicle. Want you know more tips for Land Rover Maintenance? Then go here and get further details for Land Rover.