There is a certain art to being able to interview well.  Some people who are fantastic at their profession miss out on a lot of opportunities simply because they aren’t good at being put on the spot in an interview setting.

Tips For Nailing A Job Interview

With this also comes the inverse which is a lot of people who aren’t necessarily the right people for the position they are interviewing for, but because they are experts at nailing an interview, they wipe out the competition.

In order to master the art of the interview, you should start to see it as if it were an audition for the lead in a Hollywood production.  Take on the role of the character that you would like to be cast as.  Here is how.

Dress To Impress

You need to have a fabulous interview outfit.  This means a top of the line brand, fits you like a glove, pressed and washed, sparkling clean, and screams professional.  You want to look expensive and successful.  Even if in reality you are unemployed, struggling with debt, and had a can of green beans for lunch because it was all that you had left.

Put some money into your interview outfit without skimping on quality.  Consider it an investment in the future of your career. Make sure that it is ready to go at any moment in case you have a call asking you to come in for an interview.  Last but not least, make sure that you also have a great pair of shoes!

Act Natural and Smile

If you come across as stiff and rigid you are going to appear insincere and nervous.  Try to imagine that you are talking to your best friend while maintaining a professional vocabulary.  You should be relaxed and conversational and not seem desperate or eager to impress.

This should be delicately balanced, however.  You should seem natural, but not aloof or nonchalant. Your interviewer wants to know that you are serious about the position which you are applying for but not desperate. Remember, don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t master this on the first try.  This takes consistent practice and effort.  The more you do it the better you will be.

Research The Company

There is nothing that impresses more than going into an interview having done your homework on the company.  Be prepared to throw out some facts and insights about things that you read about.

This will show that you are well informed and enthusiastic about the company.

Ask a Lot Of Questions

If you ask a lot of questions about the position this will show that you aren’t interested in doing the minimum required.  People who show a genuine interest in understanding a process don’t tend to accept a simple set of instructions.  Inquiring further shows interest and dedication.