Tips For Feeding Picky Eaters

Tips For Feeding Picky Eaters

Most mothers worry whether their children are eating enough and especially if the quality of your diet is good enough to ensure healthy growth and development. So when at home there is a small “picky” which seems to refuse to eat all the healthy foods that are offered table can become a real battlefield.

First of all, it is desirable that mothers are informed about normal eating behaviors of children. It is normal, for example, preschoolers show less appetite during their first year of life, as its growth rate slows. On the other hand, it is normal for toddlers wary of unfamiliar foods and they are difficult to prove. Besides seeking autonomy of age can relate to their behavior to mealtime. But in most cases these problems do not pose risks to the growth and development of children.

Here are some tips to facilitate these difficult times:

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