Whether it’s your home, office, hotel or company, it is very important to keep your environment secure. The security guard service provider can be of great help to you in your endeavor to keep you, the people in the property, and your property safe. This post will give some tips that can help you contracting a quality security guard company.

Security guards keep your property and premises safe and secure. But one of the major concerns faced by people hiring security guard service provider is the quality of security guards recruited by the company. With so many security guard companies out there, choosing the right one, becomes a big challenge but a vital task too. Here are some tips for contracting a quality security guard company:

Check Company’s History

Make a thorough research on the record and credentials of the company and its reputation. A good way to find out if the company has a good track record is to see if there are any legal allegations against the company. Go to your local court and try to see if any legal cases against the company. This will give you a fair idea if the company you have shortlisted can be trusted.

The Quality of Recruitment

To see the quality of any company, it is best to see their existing pool of guards and their qualifications. A company with a high percentage of people from the army background shows that they follow stringent quality standards.

Tips For Contracting A Quality Security Guard Company


The Security Guard Company should have the necessary permission from the suitable authority. For example, if you are hiring from a security guard company in Delhi then that company should have a license to operate in Delhi. This will help in enhancing the trust of those who are receiving the services from the company, like your family members or your employees.


The company should provide insurance to its employees against any on the duty mishap. Have a look at the record of worker compensation claims to determine the possibilities of any inadequate employee safety practices. This will ensure you are safeguarded from any accidents that security guards may face.


Ask for a proposal which explains the duties and responsibilities of the guards, their working hours, shifts, schedules, and equipment to be used by them. The proposal should be made by the company keeping the specific security requirements of your site. The proposal should demonstrate that the security agency has properly inspected your site and reviewed your security needs.

Staff Management

The company should have a system under which its staff is tested periodically for drug addiction and psychological well-being. There should be a proper incentive and promotion program for keeping the officers positively motivated. Workers salary should be given to them on time every month. The company should also have confirmed that their staffs do not have any criminal records.

Apart from this, the security guard company should also provide supervision and this should be clearly mentioned in the proposal or contract. Security guards are only as good as their supervision. No matter how good the quality of guards may be, but if there is no proper supervision, quality of security will suffer.

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