Tips and Technologies To Help You Drive Safely

Tips and Technologies To Help You Drive Safely

Car accidents are on the rise, and automakers are worried – as well as driving safety advocates. And well, they might as well be. Experts contend that speeding, intoxication and failure to use seat belts are the most common causes of accidents, and the role of cell phones cannot be ruled out either – whether drivers are using them for talking, texting, posting on social media or taking selfies. Unfortunately, while some US states have laws that ban handheld cell phone use, no states ban all cell phone use. Clearly, safer driving habits are required, particularly when using the electronic devices that have proliferated wildly in recent years.

Tips for Safer Driving

Here are a few things to think about when considering how to drive more safely:

Defensive Driving

Aside from these generic tips, there are also a few specific driving strategies you can undertake to increase your safety on the road, known as defensive driving. Remember, while you can’t control how other people drive, you can control how you react to other drivers!

Using Tech

There are also several pieces of technology that can be useful in improving your safety while driving. Passive safety systems like seat belts and airbags have been around for years, but active safety systems that are specifically designed to prevent accidents are coming more to the fore these days. For example, stability systems for skid-avoidance are now commonplace, as are radar systems that give you an auditory warning when you’re near a wall – or traffic – when reversing.

Some automakers such as Volvo have designed systems that will alert the driver if a pedestrian, vehicle or large animal is in the path of the car, and can automatically apply the brakes if the driver isn’t quick enough to react. Similarly, blind spot warnings and rear-view cameras, like in the Ford Transit Connect, are becoming ubiquitous, as are lane-drift detection systems, which keep your vehicle centred in the lane.

Ultimately there are many technological solutions as well as driving strategies you can use to keep your vehicle as safe as possible when driving on today’s hazardous roads.

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