Wedding is one of the most memorable occasions in a person’s life. Everyone wants to make this day special. One of the ways that help you cherish the wonderful memories of this day is through photography.  To ensure that you capture the best shots, you have been dreaming of since a long time is to let your photographer know what you expect from them.

Lack of open and efficient communication of expectations can leave you disappointed later. This article will speak about all those things that are required for a photographer to know before the arrival of “Big Day”!!

The type of pictures you want to click

Some wedding couples love to click pre-wedding snaps as a couple while others have always been waiting to get a mind blowing first-look picture. Do you as a couple enjoy everyone to be captured in the picture along with the chaos of the wedding setup?

Or you want only two of you to be highlighted in the wedding pics. Every photography contracts only grants you a limited time period to click those precious moments so plan and communicate them well to create happiness and laughter throughout your life.

Capturing the hard work

So much of disciplined and dedicated hard work goes in the background. Each detail carries different significance for a couple. Capturing these minute observations and tiniest details would not only be an act of showing gratitude but also loads of appreciation and praise for their commendable job. These unique clicks would make the occasion a lot more interesting and enjoyable for everyone who relates themselves to the wedding.

Capturing any surprise

Some couples love to add some thrill to their wedding by planning some surprises. You need to tell your photographer in advance about these surprises. This can be the major event that would make the highlights of the occasion. If your photographer knows about these surprises in advance, it would help him to execute those astonishing moments in an exciting way.

Some of these surprises are stunning entry such as rocking dance steps or other gestures of the guests at the reception stage when their name is announced. An experienced and aware photographer would make the right use of photography skills without missing on any of these remarkable moments.

Theme based photo shoots

Some couples prefer to get theme based photo shoots or natural scenery in the background that gives a magical touch to the photos. For ex: Decoration of the wedding hall according to a romantic theme such as a red colour frills, balloons, hearts, candles, red colored dresses and things that represent that theme would impart a mesmerizing touch to your wedding photos.

Wedding photography should be awesome just like the grand decoration. These classy and wonderful pictures of the two of you when posted on the social media will definitely grab you lots of lovely wedding wishes. So that is the importance of selecting a good photographer and communicating your expectations in a better way with them.