VPS hosting packages have one of the best reputations on the Internet because the packages offer you exactly what you need without the high prices that you associate with other forms of hosting, such as dedicated. While there are plenty of advantages to a VPS plan, there are also a lot of things you need to think about before you buy one. In this guide, we will explore what factors you need to consider before buying this particular hosting plan.

Do you really need it?

Before you evaluate any of the other points you need to answer the most important question; do you actually require VPS hosting? If you are looking into buying VPS hosting, then you have more than likely made a conscious decision that dedicated hosting does not fit your requirements, but do any of the other hosting packages? VPS hosting is more expensive than some of the other packages, therefore, you need to make sure this is the package you actually need and require, this means you need to carry out research.

VPS Carries Some of the Same Features of Shared Hosting

While there are obviously increased benefits using a VPS package over shared or cheap hosting, you are still sharing a server with other people when you use VPS. This means that during peak times your website could run slowly, or struggle to operate altogether, due to data log jam, however, this is not a common problem, but this is a problem you may face so you should take it into consideration. The likelihood is if you are a big business you can afford the $60-70 increase in price per month if you choose a dedicated hosting package over a VPS package, so you need to consider this when you come to make your decision.

Increased Responsibility

If you are buying a VPS package, or upgrading from a shared hosting package, you instantly gain a lot more responsibility. This sounds great when you hear it because you have more control; however, more responsibility is not always a blessing. Ok, so now you have more responsibility, but that means you need to know what you are doing, it also means that you need to understand the work that goes into maintaining a server. You will be required to maintain all software instillations, maintenance and security measures, including all patches and updates that are required every time you need them. Even if you are a tecky, and understand a lot about operating systems and the Internet in general, knowing the ins and outs of server management is usually a different story.

Problems with Installation

With some hosts, you will find that as you are essentially on a shared hosting plan, you may be penalised and not allowed to configure your software components correctly. This is a problem that many may find they get with shared hosting packages, because the server does not have the ability to run that many different types of software, however, some VPS hosting plans still have problems with software instillation. Making sure you understand the ins and outs of exactly what you are receiving is paramount, before buying a VPS hosting package.

Why Should I Opt For VPS?

There are plenty of positive points you should consider before buying a VPS plan as well. You should always look into the possibility of buying a VPS plan if your shared hosting plan is not living up to your hosting expectations. Over the years VPS has been viewed as the natural upgrade from a shared hosting package. Remember, while there are cheaper alternatives, you can get a very good VPS package for around $20-30 a month, which is relatively inexpensive when compared to the $100+ a month you would be shelling out for dedicated hosting. The main benefits of VPS hosting packages are that you hire the amount of space you require on a monthly basis; this gives you a higher level of control, which means (if you get everything correct) you will never spend more than you require. If you buy a dedicated hosting package, but only use 10% of its capacity then 90% of your money is going down the drain, alternatively, if you have a shared hosting plan and ‘overuse’ its capacity, then you website will not be operating correctly.

When you initially look at the benefits of a VPS hosting plan they look great, so thousands of people opt to buy this package over others. The fact is the other packages may be more suitable for their website/s/. When you look at the ins and outs of the package, you will start to understand why VPS hosting may not be the right hosting service for your company. On the other hand, VPS hosting packages may be exactly what you require, just make sure you carry out plenty of research before you take the plunge.