Renovating a bathroom requires a lot of effort, it is not just the physical effort the plumbers or designers or the technicians put, it is also about the mental pressure you undergo when you choose to renovate your bathroom. Well only deciding isn’t enough, it clearly begins from the type of renovation you want, the changes you want to make to the look that whether or not it matches your level of expectations.

But before going to that, one needs to sit, think and realise of the basic things he/she needs to know before he/she chooses over bathroom remodelling. One also needs to figure out or even draw a sketch of what his/her remodelled bathroom exactly needs to look like.

Things To Know Before Renovating A Bathroom: Needing The Needful

We are going to suggest you five important things you need to know before you start your remodelling/renovation: –

  1. Budget: – The foremost requirement is the requirement of cash/money, that is you need to figure out the maximum limit you are supposed to spend for the remodelling purpose. You need to jot down the things you require along with their price and then go for shopping, you can always choose of buying one thing at a time if the need be, if it’s too costly. If you go by my suggestion, always tend to spend 5% or 10% of your house’s net worth on your bathroom, that makes sense and is within the budget too.
  2. Lighting: – The second important thing to note down is “Lighting”, Changing the lights is not such an expensive thing to do and also makes the bathroom look fresh and large. A study says that if the perfect lights are paired along with the right colour, it has immense effects on our mood. Always opt for LED lights as they save energy and also save you from long bills. Bathroom lighting is all about vibrant lights on the ceiling, mirror, hanging pendants. Bright lights help in bright visions, especially when applying makeup or while shaving.
  3. Layout Reinventing: – Often we see people renovating the entire bathroom, even the fixed fixtures such as sink, toilet, tub, which isn’t really that good of an idea. Because that would mean involving extra plumbing costs, so do avoid that. You can definitely opt for changing the fixtures with something more modern and comforting. If you’re remodelling a bathroom that is on the second or third floor, in that case, kindly do not remove the fixtures, keep it where their predecessors have stood, this is going to save you money.
  4. Wall hung toilets: – Well this is completely related to the modern methods and storage problem. Wall hung toilets have lately been popularized as they tend to use less space and are of modern form. So, one can opt for this, as the tanks are behind the wall, that is not visible, just the flush button stays on the wall for use.
  5. Shower or tub: – This one is also one major confusing area just like the previous point, discussed above. People generally tend to get confused on which one to choose, whether to choose a tub or shower area- which is the best. Honestly, both are best but different, cause this entirely depends on your comfort. If you find a tub comforting then construct one that gives you a spa-like look and you can enjoy bathing and If you like shower areas then use adhesive tiles as they look sexy, choose your shower curtains wisely, maybe a patterned or printed to give your shower space a colour pop.

Lastly, we would like to conclude by saying that porcelain is cheaper than stone these days and are lately in fashion, so one can choose porcelain tiles for your bathroom floors and shower enclosure walls, they are indestructible.

Whatever you do, keep it stylish, keep it unique.